Four In The Afternoon: Iraqi-Leavy, Richy-Taxy, Army-Spendy, Farmy-Rally

4 in the Afternoon1 EVERYBODY OUT! The U.S. will withdraw all its troops from Iraq by the end of the year, says Barack Obama.

2 THE FINANCE MINISTER DOESN’T WANT TO RAISE TAXES ON THE EXTREMELY WEALTHY YOU GUYS! Apparently it’s a crazy idea. Just makes no sense at all. Silly, silly ¬†leftist NDP ideas. Oh wait, here’s a different perspective on that. Maybe not so silly.

3 MILITARY SOCIALIST COMPLEX Oh, and Canada’s spending a billion bucks on armoured vehicles. I get it, socialism and government spending are okay when it’s on army toys.

4 SASK FARMERS RALLY FOR WHEAT BOARD Story here. “A little late for that,” says my co-worker.


Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

5 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon: Iraqi-Leavy, Richy-Taxy, Army-Spendy, Farmy-Rally”

  1. Do you think if Canada adopted those tax rates that people will still shit on the rich, or show some appreciation?

  2. Appreciation? For what? Gerrymandering the political process to the the sweetest possible deal for themselves? Making the modern welfare state an illegitimate option right up until the nano-second they needed it themselves, then doing a switchback the second they were done with it and making it illegitimate again? That one actually made my neck hurt trying to keep up with it …
    Or should we appreciate the fact that they’re the fabled “job creators” except… wait a sec… most of the jobs they’re creating appear to be in the suburbs of Beijing for some reason. What’s up with that?
    I’ll show some appreciate for them the instant they show any appreciation or loyalty to the rest of us. Or to our nation-state as a whole, even.
    One thing these people appear to have forgotten is that taxes are the cover charge we all pay for civilization (about $10K annually in my case) and we all benefit from civilization — probably the wealthy most of all, because absent it I’ve got a big friggin’ stick with the back of their head tattooed on it — after all if we’re not going to have a civil society, I guess it’s kosher for me to take their stuff if I feel like it and can get away with it, right?

  3. Just to stick with the trend going on, to be be one of the top 1% earners in Canada you need to make a min. $405,000/year. Even at the lowest tax bracket, assuming all that came from a capital gain from a small business (stock options, dividend etc.) you’re looking at a tax bill in SK of $72,000. Now further deductions can be made because such people are likely to max. out their RSSP contribution. Taking that into account the tax bill is under $68,000.

    So using yourself as a barometer, despite the fact, as you say “taxes are the cover charge we all pay for civilization” a person in the 1% pays many times more towards civilization than you do.

    I think this was illustrated in the exact remarks posted by PD. Look at what we can afford by taxing the rich a little bit more. National dental plans, new water infrastructure. These are pretty important things that can be funded solely by a very small minority.

    As for what’s up with jobs in Beijing, what’s the problem with that? Should Chinese people have to be poorer than us? We take a job that doesn’t really do the tens of thousands of dollars invested in each persons education much justice having them do menial work. I mean, consider the jobs going to China. Should we have Canadians with a grade 12 diploma making clothes, shoes, toys etc.? What jobs were lost were replaced by new jobs that new technology and services have introduced.

    People whine about what globalization does to jobs in Canada, yet since NAFTA and since globalization took off around 1995 our unemployment rate was in a steady decline right up until this recession. Today’s unemployment rate is actually quite close to the norm through the 80’s and early 90’s.

    At any rate, do you research, see how much of the total personal income tax collected in Canada comes from just 10% of the population.

    But I guess you want more?

    People don’t seem to put facts together.

  4. Well, Nathan, you build a convincing case, except it appears to lack one thing… any actual hard numbers to back it up. Other than the quick numbers from some online calculator, that is.
    I repeat, the wealthy benefit far more from civilization than the rest of us, so doesn`t it stand to reason they pay more than the rest of us?
    Hell, even Warren Buffet thinks he should pay more taxes than his secretary.
    If they don’t like it I suggest they offshore their wealth to a tax and government free paradise like Somalia. Wonder how long they’ll get to keep it in that situation?

  5. Oh, and have you done any analysis on the quality, not quantity of those jobs? I suspect most of them are part time service sector jobs.

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