4 in the AfternoonDISFIGURING WOMEN IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE PROSECUTED AS A HATE CRIME Because it’s sure as hell done as a hate crime. Anyway, a Quebec woman is in an induced coma after her boyfriend threw acid in her face.

“THIS IS HOW WE FEED ANIMALS” Said some cretin at the Republican convention who threw peanuts at an African American CNN camera operator. This is so awful, I almost wonder if it’s political sabotage by enemies of the Republican Party — but that would mean an enemy of the Republican party actually threw peanuts at a black woman and called her an animal. Not bloody likely. More here.

DETROIT NAZIS “After being asked if he were Jewish and answering yes, he was knocked unconscious by assailants as they repeatedly made Nazi and Hitler gestures at him, Tennen said in a statement. The men told him they were members of the KKK, he said in the statement. The assailants allegedly stapled his mouth and gums shut while he was unconscious, and about 20 people watched, he said.” Ugh.

AND LET’S ROUND THINGS OUT WITH SOME ECO-HATRED Arctic sea ice has had a record melt this year. Meanwhile people actually exist who still don’t believe in human-cuased global warming. Well, if it makes you feel better, the United States has announced new energy efficiency standards for cars, so that’s good, isn’t it?

VIDEO! “Hate Crimes”, from Austra’s 2011 album Feel It Break: