Four In The Afternoon: Happy “No More Attack Ads Day”

4 in the AfternoonYay! It is finally here! A year in the works. The day everyone has been waiting for. It is bigger than Christmas. It will go down in history. Today we are finally liberated from American attack ads!! It is also the day we find out who will be the president of the United States for the next four years.

1 OBAMA/ROMNEY SHAKEDOWN It is like Bieber is in town! The polls are open and the lines are huge. Across the country, voters queued up at the crack of dawn to cast their ballot. Pollers are saying they have never seen anything like it.

2 AU REVOIR! Municipal politics get scandalous. Montreal Mayor Gerard Tremblay is stepping down. His 11 year term in office will be clouded by the corruption allegations that have forced his leave. But can his political party shake the scandal and move on?

3 NO CATS ALLOWED Apparently serval cats are illegal in this province. And now Jagger, a Regina house pet, is facing provincial deportation.  The City of Regina registered the cat no problem. But the Ministry of Environment is not on board. They say Jagger could be a risk to public safety.

4 SEND ‘EM THE NUKES Well, not exactly. Harper has re-opened nuclear trade with India. A nearly 40 year trade standstill stopped Canadians from selling uranium and nuclear technology to the country. Back in 1976, the feds ended the deal because India tested its first nuclear bomb using Canadian-donated plutonium. But we are back in business.

And now, for your viewing pleasure… Romney wants you to understand his Mormon faith. And he is angry. In this talk radio interview from 2007, the Republican candidate gets theological, addressing topics ranging from abortion to the second coming of Christ. Plus, it has gone viral in the cyber world.

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  1. Re: #3, while I can sympathize with the family who face loss of the animal they’ve come to love, as well as a bewildering and contradictory legal situation, I have to say that serval cats belong in their native habitat, not in a house. They have become extinct in various parts of Africa, their natural home; while not yet on the endangered species list, they may soon be, if re-introduction plans fail or if their export as exotic pets increases.

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  3. I’m a pretty big exotic pet fan. If an animal can be bred in captivity (as here) and makes a reasonable companion (also as here) I don’t think they should be outlawed. This isn’t a black and white issue: obviously, stringent protection of wild populations is needed and licensing of owners could be necessary. But I’d guess servals are decent candidates to be pets for the right people.

    As for endangered species, there are probably lots of easily-bred, easy to maintain animals that are going extinct in the wild that could be kept alive through captive breeding and pet ownership: a good example is the gorgeous San Francisco garter snake, which is threatened by habitat loss to development. Sucker would breed like dozen bunnies in captivity, but in the U.S. that’s forbidden. Seems counter-productive.

  4. Just for clarification, Stephen, collection of that particular endangered subspecies of snake by private citizens is illegal, but has that entirely put the kibosh on experimental breeding?

    Your argument about saving endangered species from extinction due to habitat loss is not a popular one with folks who think that this approach takes away the incentive to save habitat and contributes to the accelerated removal of animals from the wild in order to “save” them. And on the subject of domestication: today’s garden-variety domesticates are the result of hundreds and perhaps a few thousand years of breeding. The serval cat, even one bred in captivity for the pet market, is a very long way from being domesticated; owners may need to be specially licensed and insured to cover liability should the animals ever, heaven forbid, cause anyone injury.
    Finally, right now we’re discussing animals which are characterized as easy to maintain. What of those which are not? Do we cut our (their) losses and adopt a strict lifeboat policy towards endangered species? As you see, the stewardship issue is fraught with challenges.

    Wow, Fluffy’s got precision paws!

  5. If this cat is nearing extinction in their traditional homeland, mabye relaxing Sk,laws should be similar to “other” provinces so this genus of feline won’t become history.

    On the topic of SK laws, why aren’t there any peeler bars Brad?

  6. 2) A Montreal Mayor has got to do what a Montreal Mayor has got to do. Get himself the hell out of there!
    3) OOOOOH! A cute leopard like kitty! Name him after Data’s cat….Spot!
    4) If Nukes are sent to India again…make sure Nuclear Safety Inspector Homer Simpson supervises it! Doh!

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