4 in the Afternoon1 YOUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Today we’ve apparently got charges that the feds are fostering hatred by not condemning racism, a class-action lawsuit over a student loan privacy breach and an interesting, kinda technical conflict of interest story. But apparently lots of Canadians support these idiots. Hey, look at this: “The Tories’ biggest supporters in Canada were older men outside of Quebec who make $100,000 a year or more, the poll shows.” Ha ha ha. I’ll leave the comments on the wisdom of rich old white men to you guys.

2 BRAD WALL’S GROUP DELIVERS DRUG DEAL Canada’s premiers agree to a plan that will save millions of dollars on drug costs. Here’s more on the story.

3 JIHADISTS, HOSTAGES AND CARNAGE IN ALGERIA. Bleah. Hey, one of these jihadists is supposedly Canadian. Double bleah.

4 DON’T COME BETWEEN AN MP AND HIS HOLIDAY CHEER The police say independent Edmonton MP Peter Goldring had to be forcibly removed from his vehicle on the Dec. 4, 2011 night he refused a breathalyzer test. I was kinda hoping ace crime reporter and former Leader-Post awesome person Jana Pruden would’ve written this piece. Ah well. She has her stabbers, shooters, beaters and stranglers.

BONUS NEWS THINGS! There’s an ongoing bloodbath in Syria, The U.S. debt ceiling is apparently going to be raised but only for three months, Israel’s prime minister vows to support settlers as he heads into an election, hockey fans are a loyal bunch, the U.S. TSA has ended its contract with the pornoscanner company, there are some astoundingly stupid and awful people in the United States, Stephen Colbert’s sister is running for Congress and some big-ass lobster gets a new home.

Stay tuned for cats!