I LOVE THE SMELL OF SCHADENFREUDE IN THE AFTERNOON. Harper’s Conservatives were blasted for tentatively agreeing to a 5.3% wage hike for public sector employees. Catherine Swift, President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, wrote an open letter to Harper, Jim Flaherty and Stockwell Day, claiming that the tentative agreement was “outrageous,” even though studies indicate that this is pretty much in line with wage growth in the public and private sectors. Harper, stop making public sector careers so attractive and lucrative! Catherine Swift doesn’t want the competition.

YOUR DAILY CREEPINESS, SASKATCHEWAN-STYLE. Gerald Klein, the man who’s been stalking Cathy Kaip since 1974, has been granted a court-appointed lawyer to handle his appeal. His appeal from what? Being banished from Regina for a year so he’ll stay the hell away from Cathy Kaip.

AND THAT’S WHY YOU LOST ALL YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS. The University of Colorado Business School conducted a survey on why people unfriend people on Facebook. The full results will be published next January, but so far it looks like the foremost reason is that you’re boring. Also, Facebook underwent a face lift today, with plenty of yaddah yaddah they’re still making money off you.

MORE MONIES FOR WASCANA CENTRE, PLEEZ. The AutoQuote 5000 appears to have broken down in a Leader Post story about the need for increased funding to Regina’s Wascana Centre Authority. The Wascana Centre is “our crown jewel,” said Councillor Terry Hincks. The Authority is “working very collaboratively with the province,” added CEO Bernadette McIntyre. Not content with that level of content-free language, TPCS Minister Bill Hutchinson agreed that Wascana Park was “the jewel of Regina”. There’s an actual story in there as well about infrastructure and operational funding, which I invite you to read about, because, as Hincks says, “it really is a special place to be.”

BONUS CONTENT: David Ramsay has a new blog about tea; The Tories still don’t like the long-form census; and poems by Ted Hughes expressing his grief over Sylvia Plath’s suicide have been found. Oh them crazy poets.