4 in the Afternoon1 THE OLYMPICS ARE OVAH What does the BBC say? How about The Guardian? The Washington Post? And what about the home-team perspective?  WHAT ABOUT CANADA? Here’s the deal courtesy of the CBC, The Globe and Mail and The Canadian Press, and wait, one  brand new one from the CBC. Moving on…

2 GUNS, DEATH TEXAS A College Station, Texas police officer serving an eviction notice was shot and killed, as was a civilian and apparently the shooter. Four other people were injured.

3 LET’S CHEER THE NEW CANADA, WOOO CF-18 planes put on a bombing demonstration at an Abbotsford airshow. I’m guessing it’s less fun to be bombed by Canadian planes than it is to watch them drop bombs at an air show.

4 ORPHANED BEAR CUBS!? NOOOOO Nature is full of sadness involving animal/vehicle collisions.

BONUS ADDITIONAL NEWS Palestinian children as young as 12 are allegedly being abused by Israeli courts, like Carle said, legendary Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown: dead at 90, close to one out of every two Canadians has no emergency savings, rich Canadians are healthier than poor Canadians, a primitive and supercool Canadian rodent that’s described as a “living fossil” is threatened by climate change and I Googled some photos of the fuzzy cuties here since the idiotic paper this neat article is in didn’t post online pics, Stephen Harper really wants a trade deal with Europe which I bet translates to “we want no restrictions on our filthy fossil fuels and sketchy GMO products”, holy crap the British army says it’ll be messed up for TWO YEARS thanks to Olympic disruptions, lots of Montreal students are heading back to class, that new Republican VP candidate, A.K.A. “The next president of the United States”, sure sounds like a dick, there are an awful lot of angry, white, male terrorist types in the United States,  Omar Khadr’s defence team is still working to bring their client home, South Africans are getting killed in mine riots, and there is officially no news in Saskatchewan.

VIDEO! Who likes dolphins?

The Blue from Mark Peters on Vimeo.