4 in the AfternoonWork to do, editing, other things, ahhh! Workworkwork! But must get this list done! Here’s what seems to be going on today in the world. Work! Workworkwork!

1 HORRIBLE HURRICANE NEARS U.S. EAST COAST Well that’s swell, one day after the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Then again, I guess that’s hurricane season for you. But gee, weather is scary and mean sometimes. (Globe And Mail)

2 SPEAKING OF KATRINA Yeah, the anniversary was yesterday. Things are still bad.

3 FEBRUARY REPORT ON GUN REGISTRY FINALLY RELEASED, SAYS THE THING WORKS Gee, maybe that’s why Stephen Harper sat on it, eh? Regardless, I thought this article got interesting when it got into the topic of the NDP’s divided caucus. Sometimes people having different opinions can be a good thing. I’ll be interested to see how this all plays out. (CBC)

4 THERE ARE JELLYFISH IN MANITOBA LAKES NOW Teeny, cute little harmless freshwater jellyfish from China. (Winnipeg Free Press)

TEH BONUS NEWS ITEMS: That rally led by America’s Greatest Douchebag TM, Glenn Beck, apparently drew an audience of 300,000 other douchebags. Well, great. Also, if you haven’t yet you must read Dechene’s post on climate change skeptic Bjørn “name like a James Bond villain” Lomborg switching teams, and the Globe And Mail’s bungled IPCC reporting.