4 in the Afternoon1 HARPER DOES CHINA Today Stephen Harper kicked off his diplomatic mission to China to try and remedy the rocky relationship between the two countries. Given the large proportion of oil executives in his entourage, many see the trip as more of an effort to establish energy markets than a friendly visit.

2 BAD WATER The City of Prince Albert is under boil water orders after harmful pathogens were found in the city’s water supply. This development leaves 40, 000 residents without access to drinkable water, adding to the already mounting concerns about the city’s infrastructure.

3 BUNDLE UP! A recent announcement by Regina Qu’apelle Health Region indicates that the number chlamydia cases in Regina is on the rise. The authorities are hoping social media will help spread – no pun intended – information about the disease and its prevention.

4 HORROR IN HOMS The siege of the Syrian city of Homs carries into its fifth day today as death tolls rise in the anti-Assad protests. Many speculate the Chinese and Russian veto of UN action to intervene may be rooted in a power struggle for control over the oil rich region.

BONUS 1: BECAUSE ITS AWESOME The California Ban on gay marriage was ruled unconstitutional by a San Francisco Court of Appeals yesterday.

BONUS 2: BECAUSE ITS ALSO AWESOME The 2011 Census points to the strength of the West as the region experiences record growth. Saskatchewan is seen to have made a record turnaround, with the provincial population again tipping the one million mark.