Four In The Afternoon: Deadly SK., Royal Babies and Dirty Phones

4 in the Afternoon1 KILLER STATS Saskatchewan continues to have one of the highest murder rates in the country. Statistics Canada is doing wonders for our reputation.

2 LABOUR OVERHAUL The Saskatchewan Party government is introducing new labour legislation today. It combines a whopping 15 pieces of employment legislation under one code. I wonder what union groups and the NDP will have to say…

3 THE CHOSEN ONE In case you missed it, Prince William and Princess Kate are expecting a baby. The new addition will be third in line to the throne. The Brits are ecstatic. Some are already predicting what the royal-commoner hybrid will look like.

4 NATO BACKS TURKEY? NATO is sending Patriot anti-missile systems  to Turkey’s border as a warning to Syria’s president Bashar Al Assad. The system is being used to intercept Syrian weapons and not as offensive weaponry.  Some are hoping it will decrease tensions along the Syria/Turkey border.

BONUS:  A study conducted by Nielsen and NM found that one in three people aged 18-24 engage in online social networking while in the BATHROOM. A proud moment for myself and my fellow young adults… yuck.


3 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon: Deadly SK., Royal Babies and Dirty Phones”

  1. Personally, I will hold it in if need be so that I can find my phone before I’m going to the bathroom. Real talk, if my phone needs to charge up a bit, I’ll do a little pee dance until it’s ready.

  2. 1. Stats Canada isn’t to blame for SK’s homicide rate; don’t shoot the messenger.
    4. Just in case you missed it, Turkey is a member of NATO.

  3. 3. If they have just 1 kid,Harry is 4th in line, and the WIKA spawn also surpasses, sumpin like 34 other relatives for the thrown dibs.

    If Kate has twins of both sexs, does Will decide ,which 1 came out 1st? Does he want a Q or a nother K ??

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