4 in the Afternoon1 JUDGE TALK Canada’s Supreme Court orders a re-write of the country’s wiretap law, Quebec’s long-gun registry data is safe until at least June and cookies are now a legal medical marijuana delivery system in B.C.

2 ONE PERCENTAGE POINT That’s the difference between NDP and Conservative support right now. And yet, majority government.

3 REPUBLICANS SUCK MONKEY BUTT Arizona’s governor signs a bill that says life starts before conception. It’s not ignorant science as much as a sleazy bureaucratic maneuver to start the state’s bullshit abortion cut-off clock earlier as part of the ongoing Republican Party/right-wing Christian attack against women’s reproductive rights. Meanwhile, federal Republicans say they’re the party that sticks up for women. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, no they’re not.

4 DEPORTED FOR QUESTIONING Canada is sending an Ottawa professor to France to be questioned by police. Peeps be mad. He hasn’t been charged with anything. Give our country’s history of treating innocent people like terrorists, you’d think we’d show a little more restraint.

VIDEO! Why is Shea Weber not suspended? This is garbage.