Four In The Afternoon: Cashout

1 WE DID IT, EVERYBODY In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, Regina’s vacancy rate is officially the lowest in the country! Hooray, we are basically living a Fugazi song, now! Congratulations are especially due to the current city council that has helped cause this mess, especially when its own Michael Fougere took the lead in a recent Leader-Post survey on the crowded mayoral field.

2 SPEAKING OF CIVIC ELECTIONS With Marian Donnelly announcing her candidacy yesterday afternoon, the total number of mayoral candidates is seven. Seven! Absolutely no vote-splitting likely to go on there, for sure. And with the youngest city council candidate in Regina history throwing his name in yesterday as well, the fall’s municipal election looks like it’ll be exciting, for once.

3 COMICALLY TERRIBLE BUDGET BILL SET TO PROCEED Yeah, the Tories used time allocation, again. You know what’s funny? Twenty years ago, Stephen Harper argued against the use of omnibus bills to push through sweeping legislation. Most people need to have wormhole accidents or something in order to discover the evil mirror universe versions of themselves but apparently Harper just needed to age.

4 CHUCK NO Confession: I actually enjoy Chuck Klosterman, even if I’ve been finding it grating how obvious and/or straight-up bad a lot of his pieces over on Grantland are. (Worst offender to date is probably this article about Tune-Yards, in which our intrepid hero says a bunch of shit like “It doesn’t sound anything like Stereolab, but it sounds like an album made by someone who believes Stereolab was awesome” and writes what is basically speculative fan-fiction about Merrill Garbus’ career, both of which would probably net writers without the name Chuck Klosterman rejection letters from almost any media outlet as high-profile as Grantland.) That sensation of being abraded by a person’s writing is why I’m so leery of Klosterman’s new post as the ethics columnist at the New York Times Magazine. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be worried – the Ethics column is, after all, basically Dear Abby for the Grey Lady’s readers, a fact reflected in Klosterman’s first piece for them. But “Chuck Klosterman, ethicist” still has an odd ring to it.

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14 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon: Cashout”

  1. .3 did harpo ever say that he was a man of his words? eee senate?

    .2 people in Regtown vote?

  2. Who needs two weeks of bad theatre and horrid acting by the NDP; pass the goddam bill

  3. 2. Age is not “just a number”… Proven time and time again that whiz kid teen politicians don’t know what they’re doing. Plus, isn’t this guy some Tea Party-adherent sask party youth? I’ve seen him before. Age is just a number, however, when you’re calling someone “young”. I’d hate to be “young” and have someone like this represent me.

  4. Do you have anything besides your imagination to substantiate your tea-party charge?

  5. It’s Regina politics, Barb. Far easier to make decisions based on fleeting impressions, name recognition and second-hand gossip rather than, oh, say, taking five minutes and reading a candidate’s platform online.

  6. Agreed, anonymusses, except that, sadly, the “headpiece[s] stuffed with straw” arewn’t only a problem in Regina.

  7. I recall that Lorne Nystrom was all of 22 when first elected as an MP, as a comparison.

  8. I look forward to representing Conrad in City Council later this year. He seems like a politically aware person and more 18 year olds should be more like him in attempting to take charge of their world.

  9. “aren’t”, damn it.
    Well said, John. If nothing else, the young man will gain valuable experience from his run. He’s got chutzpah, and that’s not a bad thing.

  10. This young man’s strength will be his organization, and you can bet it will be strong, with probably an entire church and possible south wing of the Regina Sask Party helping him out, at least voting for him, not to mention his fellow 18-yr-olds from school.

  11. I didn’t say there is a problem with that, but rather than be starry-eyed at the brave young youthquake teen who is shaking up the municipal political scene, people do deserve to be informed of all possible connections. Most adults are fully vetted re: background when running, I just think the same should go for Conrad. “Youth” is often used synonymously with “progressive” in politics; while that label could hurt him with his constituents, it could lead others to vote for someone they don;t really know.

    And I don’t really know, but by reading his platform, he sounds vaguely Tea Partyish to me. I’m not sure how much a 17-year old could really know about municipal roads funding, etc. yet his stand seems to be strong.

  12. Nobody here is being starry-eyed, but they are being positive and encouraging to people who actually want to STEP UP and run for office. And I think that your attitude towards the candidate under discussion is well summed up in the first 5 words of your second paragraph.

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