Four In The Afternoon: Budgets!

4 in the Afternoon1 DUAL MESSAGE Today’s provincial budget appears to swing both ways. While the it promises increased spending on healthcare, highways and infrastructure, on the other hand, the film and video industry took a hit, it plans to reduce prescription funding for the children and seniors, and will cut 500 civil service jobs.

2 SPEAKING OF BUDGETS The austere UK budget was announced yesterday and involved pension cuts, reductions to welfare spending and raised the cutoff for low income benefits. Are we starting to see a pattern here?

3 BEHIND KOFI WE STAND The UN security council has united in support of UN envoy Kofi Annan’s peace plan aimed to contain the violence in Syria. The informal agreement hopes to facilitate humanitarian access and promote a peaceful political transition.

4 JOKES UNWELCOME Robert De Niro is under fire after making a race-related joke about Michelle Obama and the Republican candidates’ wives at a Presidential Fundraiser on Monday night. Gingrich has taken to the airwaves to blast De Niro (and also the President for some reason) about the comment. I get it, you can only say ridiculous things if you actually believe them. On a barely related note, and providing an excellent reason to post a picture of the Cloonster, George Clooney and his father were arrested while protesting Sudanese violence at the Sudanese embassy in Washington last week.

8 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon: Budgets!”

  1. To clarify, the film and tv industry didn’t take a hit, so much as it was crushed to death.

    Like their decision with SCN, it is baffling why the government would get rid of something that actually generated far more revenue from outside the province than it cost the province to run. Saskatchewan was a net winner with the tax credits. Now all outside investment will go to Manitoba or Alberta and Saskatchewan will be a net loser of revenue.

    If this government had been in power ten years ago, there would have never been a Corner Gas.

  2. The demographic is becoming older,now it cost more for being older. Nice.

    Good interviews on CBC 1 this afternoon
    concerning Sk’s film production future.
    The comments made,generally put it, as a zero future.

    Wall’s advisors are either idiots, or Bradley just didn’t listen to positive reasons of keeping the tax credit going.

    Either way,it’s a bad call.

  3. “For an annual provincial investment of $6.5M, $37.5M in SFETC production volume is generated including $23.5M in direct Saskatchewan spending. This brings $17M each year into the provincial economy that would not come without the industry being active and competitive enough to access these funds.”

    Makes me wonder how real these numbers were in the first place. If they truly generated that much of a profit, there’s no way they would cut this program.

  4. Bro, I suspect that the decision was purely political and not based on actual economics. If the Saskatchewan Party had any degree of understanding of this industry, they would have given more than 10 days of lead time for it to adjust. They announced their divesting of SCN similarly, on budget day and with an original shutdown date of slightly more than a month following. If the Saskatchewan Party had announced on budget day that they were going to give one more year of the SFETC, yes, there would still be an outcry no doubt, but at the very least that would have been a sign that the gov’t was willing to give the industry and its workers time to transition to either a new model or new careers.

  5. I agree with #5. I think it’s considered among the good-tyme Tweetering Sask Party set that the film credit was an NDP pet project and had to be put down. Someone along the way must have rubbed one of the longer-tyme SP MLAs the wrong way and revenge had to be taken.

    We don’t need diversity now anyway, we have potash and oil and uranium and gas and wheat and canola and maybe diamonds.

    For somebody, I keep hearing that “Sask is the place to be!” I guess for those guys.

  6. Nothing too much in budget, pretty close to the vest. Remembering after watching Prairie Giant a few years thought it might might come back and bit someone in the ass, it just did.Good memory,EM

  7. Very confusing budget…Where’s the so called austerity of deep spending cuts?

    Increased spending in some dept, very little cuts made and some increases in some questionable areas.

    Tax credits for the film industry could be reinstated in the future just like what recently happened in New Brunswick when the prov. gov’t there did the same thing, only to reverse it later.

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