4 in the Afternoon1 SNOOPING BILL VS. PEDOPHILIA The predicted costs of Bill C-30 – a bill designed to amp up online surveillance, but framed as a war on child pornography – came out in an interview with CBC’s Hannah Thibedeau today.  Public Safety Canada leaked that the Bill would run 20 million dollars for the first four years and 6.7 million a year afterwards.  It is likely that these costs will be primarily borne by taxpayers and could wind up being quite a bit pricier than early forecasts indicate.

2 IRANIAN DEFIANCE The International Atomic Energy Agency has been prevented from inspecting a nuclear facility in Tehran yesterday. Though not unexpected, this non-compliance is expected to shape Friday’s IAEA report that will likely lead to further sanctions.

3 LINGERIE FOOTBALL? Regina will be the home of a Lingerie Football team in the coming year. The Brandt Centre has been named the official home of Regina’s LFL team which is scheduled to start its twelve week season in August. It has been notoriously difficult to secure funding for women’s sports in the province, and it’s hard to count this as a step in the right direction…

4 SEVEN PERCENT SLASH President Obama released plans today to slash corporate tax rates. The current corporate tax rate in the US is 35 percent, one of the highest in the world. The proposed rate decrease would knock it down to 28 percent. While these incentives are widely supported, tax reform – like many of Obama’s proposed changes – is almost impossible to execute.