Four In The Afternoon: Bills, Tax Breaks, and Bras

4 in the Afternoon1 SNOOPING BILL VS. PEDOPHILIA The predicted costs of Bill C-30 – a bill designed to amp up online surveillance, but framed as a war on child pornography – came out in an interview with CBC’s Hannah Thibedeau today.  Public Safety Canada leaked that the Bill would run 20 million dollars for the first four years and 6.7 million a year afterwards.  It is likely that these costs will be primarily borne by taxpayers and could wind up being quite a bit pricier than early forecasts indicate.

2 IRANIAN DEFIANCE The International Atomic Energy Agency has been prevented from inspecting a nuclear facility in Tehran yesterday. Though not unexpected, this non-compliance is expected to shape Friday’s IAEA report that will likely lead to further sanctions.

3 LINGERIE FOOTBALL? Regina will be the home of a Lingerie Football team in the coming year. The Brandt Centre has been named the official home of Regina’s LFL team which is scheduled to start its twelve week season in August. It has been notoriously difficult to secure funding for women’s sports in the province, and it’s hard to count this as a step in the right direction…

4 SEVEN PERCENT SLASH President Obama released plans today to slash corporate tax rates. The current corporate tax rate in the US is 35 percent, one of the highest in the world. The proposed rate decrease would knock it down to 28 percent. While these incentives are widely supported, tax reform – like many of Obama’s proposed changes – is almost impossible to execute.

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  1. LFL? More like WTF? I suppose this is Regina’s innovative way of promoting women’s sports, but it seems to be more of a bare foot and pregnant ideal. Out of the kitchen and onto the field! Good bye aprons, hello short shorts! Perhaps Regina should be teaching aspiring female athletes offense versus oppression. You don’t have to be a “Ho” to be a “Pro”.

  2. Re: #3, I’ve never understood the fetish for garter belts; having worn them back in the day, I can testify that they were a cold and uncomfortable necessary evil until some genius invented pantihose. (Can you imagine trying to go through airport security with garters? Oh, wait: some porn merchant probably already has). Most men I know hate neckties; what if women fetishized those confining, expensive and superfluous items of clothing?

  3. Though it was initially posted in my name, and I would have loved to have taken credit for comment 1, it looks like we had a case of ‘computer share’ going on.
    That being said, I do agree the whole idea of lingerie football seems a little obscene. Apparently the get-up includes garters, bras and panties. Part of the mandate for the promotion of womens’ participation in sports was empowerment, not objectification.

  4. In spite of the fact that I own many polo shirts and cans of Bud Light – I think the LFL is kind of a dumb idea, and offensive for reasons beyond the fact it promotes sexist ideals.

    The equipment the players use looks dangerous, and it looks like the players are volunteers even though it seems like the league has a few revenue streams, so if I am a player it’s not hard to view this league as a rip off.

    That said, my libertarian side says that people who don’t favour this development should let it run it’s course and fade out.

    As a form of titillation it’s kind of tame and as sporting spectacle it probably won’t deliver. People ignore much better sporting events than this where the outfits aren’t much less revealing.

    On the other hand, 30 percent of the province probably think this the greatest thing to happen in all of Saskatchewan history. This bunch never ceases to amaze me.

  5. As a social democrat, I agree with REP. If this completes a season in Regina, I’ll be surprised. It just seems like a bad idea from every angle, but especially as a business.

  6. Female ” Ironman ” tri-atheletes wear a lot less.

    LFL should be just as fun to watch as Pile O’ Bones Roller Derby is.

  7. #6: While I don’t necessarily disagree, the unfortunate reality here is that women’s participation in male-dominated activities tends to create an unrealistic dichotomy that puts women into one of two extremes.
    We all see this among women in politics aswell: It’s either the hyper-sexualized bimbo prototype or ‘one of the boys’ androgynous characterization. It’s unfortunate we can’t meet in the middle somewhere…
    #7: Touché

  8. #8: Do you actually know any female politicians? If you did, you’d know that your second paragraph is ‘way off the mark.

  9. #8:If you actually knew any female politicians, you’d know how far off the mark your second paragraph is.

  10. Barb #3: never underestimate necktie fetishes. When someone needs to be tied up to the bedpost, what else does she have readily at hand?

  11. Guys will watch the Lingerie Football League for the football the way they go to the strip clubs to watch women dance.

  12. 9, 10 and 11: I do, many of whom I respect and admire. The observation wasn’t about the women themselves, but rather the tendency for them to be categorized that way.

  13. “We all see this among women in politics aswell[sic]” – no, we don’t, so if you meant to comment on a “tendency”, you misfired again.

  14. “Aswell”, in reference to the aforementioned pattern which “tends to create an unrealistic dichotomy”.
    You don’t necessarily need to agree with me, in which case, I retract the “all”. That being said, I get the feeling this is more about the word game anyhow.

  15. Apparently only two games will be played in Regina, both at night after a Riders afternoon game.

    Would be shocked if attendance is over 500, but if it’s marketed properly they may be able to draw a decent crowd. Wonder if booze will be sold at the game.

    (PS. from what I observe the push for and media focus on sexy female politicians is much more obvious in the US, not so much up here)

  16. #17: The phrase should be “as well”; [sic]is an editorial term which signals a misspelling or misuse. English-language competence is hardly a “word game”, and shouldn’t be minimalized.
    I understand what you were trying to get at in #8 – though heaven knows you don’t make it easy – and this exchange is entirely about your overgeneralization. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot for a moment, and see if your “unrealistic dichotomy” hypothesis applies to men in female-dominated professions. Go for it.

  17. Oh Barb, my point has been clear, and haggling with you really doesn’t benefit anyone. I am however, glad to have given you something to do today. Back to work on this end. Until next time.

  18. You’re not rising to the challenge because you can’t; and we aren’t haggling, because we aren’t negotiating a price. Don’t forget the RSO Book and Music Sale, and its offerings of writing aids, including dictionaries, thesauruses, and punctuation guides.
    I have plenty to do, thank you; I’m just a good manager of time.

  19. Holy, LFL: Party like it’s 1983. I hear Van Halen’s even touring with David Lee Roth this year. Let’s go shoot some highway signs and watch lingerie football! Oooow!

  20. If you would like to sort this out by slapping on some lingerie football gear and scrap it out later let me know, I’m sure it would be a heck of a time. In the meantime, I am at work. A bientôt mademoiselle.

  21. Why are people complaining about indoor football in Regina and possibly Saskatoon?
    Hasn’t this been main useless local bitch for the last 10 years?

    The LFL just saved taxpayers $1 billion!

    If the WWCFL wants a larger audience, they better learn the art of promoting their league and advertise more.

    I heard next nothing about the Regina Riot last year, I thought they were a youth team.

  22. Dear Barb.
    I don’t even know if you are in support of the new L.F.L.
    Whilst I do admire aesthetic and decadent writing, I feel another persons blog is not the best area to show case ones talents.
    Would it be fair to say that a classroom is the place these corrections should take place. If you agree may I humbly suggest you contact the Regina public school board with your suggestions and obvious wealth of knowledge.
    Your friend.

  23. Umm, it’s a comment page. Who cares about grammar, as long as you can get your point across? There are different expectations of grammar correctness for different forms of writing. I can understand ragging on the writers a bit on the blog, but for the comment section, chill out. This isn’t a masters thesis, more close to the standards of a hastily written text.

  24. #21: Perhaps Katherine is not “rising to the challenge” because she chooses to not do so, rather than being unable. Granted, the onus is on her to provide examples, but it is presumptuous to state as an absolute that she “can’t”.

  25. Examples would be nice, #28; that’s what debate is all about, and if a columnist refuses to support her/his blanket statements, then are those statements defensible? If we’re talking about stating something as an absolute, I refer you to #8.

    Dear Dirk, if indeed that’s who you are: the LFL will rise or fall on its own merits, as REP suggests. As to my own comments, you’re the second person (perhaps) to ascribe motive to me and to suggest I take a hike. That says more about you than about me, and is amusing into the bargain.
    Bro #27: I noticed that you graciously accepted a correction on another thread.

  26. Dear Barb.
    What you wrote adds nothing to argument and really doesn’t make any difference to anyone or anything. Perhaps amusing is the word that best describes your gratis and demeanor. Thank you.

  27. Agreed. LFL will be a major let down. Not as big of a let down as being a Blog Bully though. Keep it clean Barb. Save your aggression for the LFL field. If you channel this energy you could be a real asset to the team.

  28. Dear Barb.
    May I make a novel suggestion that abuse those not amount to criticism. I will not judge your blog or writing, for there is nothing of your own. I would also like to point out that this is not your personal almanac for elucidation.
    Thank you.

  29. #24 I’m pretty sure the Regina Riot were in the media numerous times throughout their season in May, June and July last year. But just in case you wanted to know more and check out their schedule for this year here is their website…

    and to anyone else that wants to see respectable women’s football

  30. I may have accepted a correction based on a point being misinterpreted or poorly made by me. Overall we should write coherently as to not confuse or further exacerbate the situation, but calling people out for minor cases of poor grammar doesn’t build conversation, it redirects it.

    If u can get the point of there commment and there is asmall typo, jus breathe and let it go, everythings going to be allright.

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