4 in the AfternoonFIRST: Missed this earlier, somehow. So, a city with 11 million people was shut down by smog today. Yikes.

SECOND: Jerks killed three dogs.

THIRD: Taking a page from the Rob Ford School of Controversy Deflection, Prime Minister Stephen Harper isn’t talking about the Mike Duffy scandal any more. I like this bit from the CBC story:

“I’ve already answered that question months ago, I answered according to the information I had at the time,” he said in French before switching back to English.

Duffy’s lawyer says the Prime Minister’s Office approved his shenaniganamous housing expenditure claims.

FINALLY: Some poaching asshole¬†caught and¬†kept 24 rattlesnakes and 13 illegal native bullsnakes in his Edmonton apartment. Authorities killed ’em all, which sucks. While rattlesnakes should be illegal without hard-to-get licences and permits, bull snakes are awesome. And while I agree passionately with the need to protect wildlife, killing awesome snakes sucks. I don’t see how the solution to poaching is killing animals. Try harder, everyone.

TEH HORROR Took this pic a little while ago. Yuck.

Weather (first snow boo-2)