1 BECAUSE THERE’S NO TIME LIKE 365 DAYS IN ADVANCE. The 2013 Grey Cup is happening in Regina on November 24, 2013, probably in the afternoon. So naturally the first party is happening tonight at the Agribition Building. Let’s get this party something something.

2 IT’S TRAYVON MARTIN’S TIME, WE’RE JUST LIVING IN IT. In a convenience store parking lot in sunny Florida, 45-year old Michael David Dunn got irked over a group of African-American teens playing loud music. So he shot at their car eight or nine times, hitting and killing 17-year old Jordan Davis in the whole shooting-at-unarmed-teens process. The man’s lawyer insists that “Mr. Dunn acted very responsibly,” which I think is stretching the definition of the word, seeing as he fled the county.

3 NEVER MIND THEN. Rider Strong, the actor who played the troubled Shawn Hunter on the late ’90s coming-of-age sitcom Boy Meets World, is not interested in reprising his role for the proposed follow-up series Girl Meets World. I was hoping that the reboot would be shot-for-shot reenactment of the original series with the gender roles reversed, but it turns out to be a revisiting of the BMW universe, with central couple Cory and Topanga all grown up and contending with a presumably feisty daughter. They should bring Rider Strong back in, though, because in an article for Bullet he displayed an amazing grasp of what made his character work. And then there’s stuff like this:

“I treat him well. He gets plenty of food and water. He even has a window, a small square that lets him see passing feet—and dogs, if they’re short enough. He tells me he loves that window. For him, it’s like a television, looking out at real people, with real-people problems.

“He’s fascinated by how unstructured our lives are, how we drift from one moment to the next, free from the constraints of narrative, the pain of lurching endlessly from crisis to resolution. He covets your formless mood. Your un-episodic joys. The way you catch yourself off-guard. The way you wander, slowly, in and out of love. How you can go back, and revise the story of who you are, because there’s no DVD box set. The way no one wants to know your ending.”

4 I GUARANTEE YOU THAT NO ONE IN SYRIA IS READING THIS ARTICLE. Why? Because Syria is off the Internet. Also, prairie dog has never gotten traction in the Syrian market.