4 in the Afternoon1 NORWAY ATTACK SUNDAY UPDATE Anders Behring Breivik is expected to plead not guilty and also he says his murder spree was “gruesome but necessary”. The Globe And Mail’s Doug Saunders makes the case Breivik was an organized terrorist who used especially nasty bullets, while The Guardian’s Matthew Goodwin says he’s reflective of rising intolerance of cultural differences rather than traditional racial bigotry. Here’s some more on that from The New York Times. And here’s a story on how Breivik’s manifesto contained crazystuff written by Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. The killer says he acted alone.

2 DEBT SHOWDOWN SUNDAY UPDATE. Read here if you want. Doesn’t matter, point is there’s an insane political party breaking things in the U.S. and putting the global economy at risk. They’re awful. Republicans are famous for their unwillingness to accept science–just think of all the anti-evolution, anti climate-science junk they mutter. Why is anyone surprised they think the deficit can be cut without raising taxes? Understanding that would involve using math. Republicans can’t add.

3 SAME-SEX MARRIAGES ARE NOW COMPULSORY IN NEW YORK Ha, that’d be funny. Anyway they’re legal–and gays and lesbians and perhaps the odd bisexual are marrying the hell out of each other this weekend. Too bad some bigots have mental problems about it.

4 SHOOTINGS ARE NOW COMPULSORY ALL OVER AMERICA AND THE TALIBAN HAS SOME EVIL FUCKERS An estranged husband kills his ex-wife and her family and himself at a roller rink birthday party. Good thing Americans have all these guns. Also, the Taliban have hanged an eight-year-old child. How wonderful.

BONUS FUN! CELINE DION USES LAWYERS TO SHUT DOWN PEOPLE WHO MAKE FUN OF HER Not cool. I thought I should throw this one in because outside of the mixed-gender same-sex-marriage protesters, all the awful humans in today’s afternoon newser are male. We must have balance!

VIDEO BONUS FUN! A NASCAR PRAYER One of the most entertaining ever? Via Deadspin.