4 in the Afternoon1 THE NDP LEADERSHIP CONVENTION IS THIS WEEKEND Stories here, here and here, and Murray Mandryk’s Wednesday column. The convention live feed will be here.

2 METIS WIN BIG COURT RULING Read all about it.

3 BELOVED TORONTO MAYOR ROB FORD ACCUSED OF ASS-GRABBERY Story here, denial here, story here again. He may well be innocent but it’s damning how plausible this seems. And wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a politician who looks worse in photos than Rob Ford.

4 CHAVEZ FUNERAL Here’s the story. Apparently he’s going to be embalmed. Ew.

BONUS! ┬áThe world had the second-highest CO2 emmissions ever last year, uh-oh. Calgary gorillas make a break for the kitchen!┬áNorth Korea is just plain nuts! Bill Clinton wants the anti-gay law he signed overturned! Ryan Getzlaf just got satchels of money and somebody at TSN wrote a punny headline! It’s daylight savings time everywhere but here (and I’m okay with that)! One of the world’s best restaurants made its customers sick!

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Here’s a video Friend O’ The ‘Dog (and reigning Regina’s Best Hipster) Eric Hill posted on Facebook.