4 in the Afternoon1 ANOTHER GUN MASSACRE Six people are dead after a gunman attacked a Sikh temple near Milwaukee. The gunman was shot by a police office (who was also wounded) and is presumed dead.

2 SYRIA BADNESS, EGYPTIAN GUARDS KILLED, RED CROSS UNDER ATTACK IN LIBYA Things continue to be awful in Syria. Also, 15 Egyptian police were killed in an armed attack on the border by (apparently and probably) Islamic militants. Meanwhile in Libya, some evil bastards attacked a Red Cross building with rocket launchers and grenades. It’s the fifth attack on the Red Cross in two months. What a world we live in.

3 OKLAHOMA BURNING Wildfires are driving people from their homes in the state, which is being baked by a deadly mix of drought and high temperatures.

4 WINNIPEGGERS SEE THE MOST UFOS Having known many a Winnipegger, I am not at all surprised by this news.

SUNDAY YOUTUBE: BATMAN IS AN ASSHOLE He’s a terrible guy to play video games with. He’s being a total dick to Dick!