1 TRAFFIC BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN Or at least it will, as the Saskatoon City Council voted last night to replace the bridge. The new bridge could cost up to $34 million and will “incorporate elements sympathetic to the heritage and architecture of the existing bridge.” And there goes a century old piece of Saskatchewan history.

2 ASSANGE GOES TO JAIL The WikiLeaks leader has surrendered himself in London. The site has said that they will continue on regardless of what happens to their fearless leader. With any luck, there’s another American list out there pumping up the importance of a Saskatchewan town.

3 CHEATING AND LATENESS AREN’T OK Sask.’s minister of education told the CBC that they’re working on a provincial grading policy to settle all this “no late marks/no punishments for plagiarists” hoopla. Check out the story on their site for all the “When I was your age…” comments.

4 CHRISTIAN DEFECTORS An Anglican church has switched sides and thrown in with the Catholics. Best part? The pastor is married and has kids. Someone’s in for a bit of a culture shock.