REBA TO PLAY REGINA: And the country star is bringing along one of her sitcom buddies to open for her, according to the Leader-Post.

KEVIN TRUDEAU JUST AS CRAZY AS HE SEEMS: Not only does this informercial huckster seem nuts on TV, he nuts on practice, as demonstrated by a series of memos released by The Smoking Gun.

JUGGALOS ATTACK TILA TEQUILLA: If you’re unfamiliar with Juggalos, the group of fans whose unquestioning devotion to rap group Insane Clown Posse goes beyond fanaticism, or Tequilla, the MySpace star-turned-awful-musician, you’re in for treat. Even if you are aware of the players in this story, you should check this story out, as Nathan Rabin of the A.V. Club gives what will no doubt be considered the definitive account of this important event, as he was at the Gathering of the Juggalos for the whole thing:

At a “State Of The Juggalo” address in the Festival’s “Seminar Tent” early the night shit went down, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope sent out exquisitely mixed signals about how its rabid fanbase should treat Tequila. On one hand, Violent J acknowledged that it was, in fact, funny as shit to watch some dude get hit with a dead fish or pelted with piss, and that Juggalos should feel free to behave however they see fit. At the same time, however, every performer at the Gathering was a guest of the Psychopathic family and should enjoy the same privileges afforded the Boondox and Blaze Ya Dead Homeys of the world.

RHONDA BYRNE CONTINUES TO ROLL IN MONEY: Writing short books on how positive thinking can cure cancer or get you a new bike – both examples used in the introduction of The Secret, Byrne’s hit self help book, if I remember correctly – can still make you a ton of cash. Proof: Byrne bothering to write a follow up, this one called The Power. Gawker rightfully calls her out.