Six in the Evening1 T-MINUS SIX HOURS AND COUNTING At midnight Saskatchewan time the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Stockholm will release the summary of their latest comprehensive review of what science knows about global warming. Many climate change skeptics will argue. These skeptics are generally not scientists and some work for propaganda organizations that are funded by the fossil fuel industry which wants to keep making money and stop humanity from switching to renewable energy. So don’t listen to ’em. Actual scientists are studying, debating and generally working their asses off to bring the world the most accurate climate facts and projections possible. Listen to scientists.

You can read an interesting and nuanced story here.

2  STEPHEN HARPER’S NON-CONSENSUAL PIPELINE Speaking of the horror of fossil fuels, our prime minister told U.S. business leaders “you don’t take no for an answer” on the environment-defiling Keystone pipeline, which remains stalled. But it’s probably okay, says Stephen Harper, because Canada doesn’t usually get rejected: “We haven’t had that but if we were to get that, that won’t be final. This won’t be final until it’s approved and we will keep pushing forward.

I have to throw up now.

3 UNITED AGAINST SYRIA Who would’ve guessed that chemical weapons would ultimately be the thing that stops a U.S. attack on Syria? Weird. Also, things are looking up with Iran.

4 THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING CAUCUS A Conservative member of parliament has been charged with four counts of violating the Elections Act. If convicted, Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro faces punishment from fines and/or up to five years in prison.

5 A TENTATIVE DEAL FOR DIPLOMATS Canada’s foreign service staff have a tentative settlement with government. They’d been without a contract for more than two years.

6 O MIGHTY BUSINESS LOBBY MASTERS, WE HAVE OBEYED THY WISE COMMANDS As everyone’s known since last night, Reginans voted to let a private company run their wastewater system for the next 30 years. Here’s the news from the CBCLeader-Post and CJME. Nothing from Prairie Dog yet — I’m a little worried the referendum broke Best Prairie Dog Writer nominee Dechene, who was last seen yelling at buses on Twitter. Anyway:  one upside for all of us surly, disappointed Yes voters: the winning team ought to be supremely motivated to not fuck this up.

BONUS HOMOPHOBIA FUN The International Olympic Committee hilariously says Russia’s bigoted gay-bashing laws that are getting gay people beaten, raped and murdered doesn’t violate the Olympic Charter, which forbids discrimination. It’s not really that hilarious. Also, a dopey pasta company just got its homophobic ass boycotted.