4 in the AfternoonMEANWHILE IN SASKATCHEWAN Flood fears, more flood fearsstadium news $65 million for farm irrigation and a clueless Saskatoon bridal shop is going to help Saskatchewan make international news in a super unflattering way.

DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT THE FEDERAL CONSERVATIVES PLANNING TO RE-WRITE HISTORY? Our federal government is a clown carnival. In other circus news, the feds will put $82 million into clean energy projects, which is a.) good (yes, I said something that the Conservatives did was good, deal with it), b.) not anywhere near enough, and c.?) a subsidy to the Alberta tarsands. Also: scandal, more scandal, disgracepropagandacivil servant revolt, this simmering scandal and I don’t think I’ve linked to anything about this heinous bullshit yet. Meet your federal government, everyone! Almost every daily newspaper in the country endorsed them before the last election.

ANOTHER MASSACRE IN SYRIA Brutal. That country’s government has always been bad news.

WELL, I’M  STILL A FAN OF THAT BUG-EYED, FAT WALRUS Seriously, who wouldn’t love a fat, bug-eyed walrus? Cuteness for days. Also, best wishes for a speedy recovery to Lars Eller.