4 in the Afternoon1 MORE ELECTION NONSENSE Why is it that those who know the least about women’s issues are talking the loudest? If the women’s vote is so important, and if we’re going to hack away at so many dead issues, could we at least have someone who knows what the flip they are talking about do it? Our most recent Republican treat: Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom Smith’s reacted to Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” remarks by clarifying that his views were distinctly different from Akin’s. By paralleling rape to pregnancy out of wedlock.

2 PART PUZZLE 2.0 Toronto police announced today in a statement that the estranged boyfriend of Liu Guanghua was responsible for her death and subsequent displacement of her body parts across the GTA.  Jiang Chunqi was arrested on Sunday and is being charged with second degree murder in Canada’s second weird dismemberment mess this year.

3 LACKLUSTRE KICKOFF The republican national convention’s kickoff, scheduled to start today, was delayed until tomorrow as tropical storm Isaac threatens to hit the Louisiana coast as a category 2 hurricane. President Obama has declared a state of emergency in the State of Louisiana in preparation for the storm which has already claimed at least 20 lives across the Caribbean.

4 WHEN FORM AND FUNCTION COMBINE At long last, what we’ve all been waiting for; our first glimpses at Regina’s famed LFL football team. This photo was snapped at Regina Rage’s season-opener in Abbotsford on Saturday. Check out more of the “action” here.