Four In The Afternoon

1 AMENDMENTS AMENDMENTS AMENDMENTS The Albatross links to a story about the amendments opposition MPs have stuck on Bill C-38 to slow the thing down. Read all about it over here.

Speaking of the Albatross, have you been reading that site? You should give it a chance — some talented folks from the Canadian University Press started it up, and the prairie dog‘s own John Cameron posts there on occasion. Worth a peek.

2 TONYS TONYS TONYS The Tony Awards went down last night. In case you weren’t following all the snark and commentary online as it was happening live, here’s a summary of what went down from the Associated Press.

3 UP UP UP U.S. internet advertising spending “hit $8.4 billion in the first three months of the year”, says the Canadian Press.

4 DOGS DOGS DOGS Why wasn’t I in Regina for the Humane Society’s Dog Jog? Seriously, look at these dogs. At least scroll to the little guy with the help from the wheels. I managed to see Undefeated, 2011’s winner at the Oscars for Best Documentary Feature, at the Broadway and that was great, but it was no dog jog, I’ll tell you that.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.