1 AMENDMENTS AMENDMENTS AMENDMENTS The Albatross links to a story about the amendments opposition MPs have stuck on Bill C-38 to slow the thing down. Read all about it over here.

Speaking of the Albatross, have you been reading that site? You should give it a chance — some talented folks from the Canadian University Press started it up, and the prairie dog‘s own John Cameron posts there on occasion. Worth a peek.

2 TONYS TONYS TONYS The Tony Awards went down last night. In case you weren’t following all the snark and commentary online as it was happening live, here’s a summary of what went down from the Associated Press.

3 UP UP UP U.S. internet advertising spending “hit $8.4 billion in the first three months of the year”, says the Canadian Press.

4 DOGS DOGS DOGS Why wasn’t I in Regina for the Humane Society’s Dog Jog? Seriously, look at these dogs. At least scroll to the little guy with the help from the wheels. I managed to see Undefeated, 2011’s winner at the Oscars for Best Documentary Feature, at the Broadway and that was great, but it was no dog jog, I’ll tell you that.