1 CONTRACT TALK The results of a vote by Saskatchewan nurses over whether to accept a new contract will be released today, just as SIAST instructors have signed a new one themselves.

2 DSM ADDTN Proposed revisions to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders might add “gambling disorder” as a condition. No time soon, though — the proposed changes wouldn’t take effect until a year from now, if the changes are approved.

3 TRUMP AND ROMNEY, SITTING IN A TREE Mitt Romney’s latest fundraising effort — donating $3 or more and being entered to win a dinner with Donald Trump — has stirred discussion over how Romney positions himself in relation to the outspoken Birther figure. Some good opinions on the matter as it stands come from Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post and David A. Graham of the Atlantic.

4 SET TO LAND The Canadian Press reports that the “federal government appears set to shut down the only public investigation into Ottawa’s fumbling of the F-35 fighter jet purchase.”