1 UNLIKE MOOSE JAW, WE GET THE WHOLE THING You may have heard by now, but Regina got a big, furry visitor on Saturday. The moose was tranquilized and transported outside of the city.

2 ROMNEY’S VETS The presumptive Republican presidential candidate has a sizable lead with veterans, says one poll. Also, to any U.S. readers we might have out there — Happy Memorial Day!

3 [BLANK]-STRAIGHT ALLIANCES From a Canadian Press report posted on iPolitics:

The Catholic School Trustees Association calls the word gay “a distraction” and says anti-bullying legislation is supposed to protect all students, not just those bullied because of their sexual orientation.

Apparently, they’re content on fighting these groups every inch of the way in every way they can. At some point, you’d think they would have to admit defeat and quit supporting hate towards these young people.

4 NEW BOBBY According to various reports, Bob Dylan has a new studio album he’s getting ready to release.

BONUS If you’ve seen The Avengers, you might interested to hear some of the rumours surrounding one of the non-marquee characters, who’s nonetheless beloved by fans.