1 WHERE THE ROYALS AT The Leader-Post have an itinerary for Prince Charles and Camilla’s visit to the Queen City. With pictures and everything!

2 PRESIDENTIAL BLOOD BANK A vial of Ronald Reagan’s blood is on auction. The last time NPR checked, the top bid was $12,000. Some aren’t happy, even if cloning Reagan would be the end of the Republicans’ primary problems.

3 SUPERKITCHENS FAIL SUPERJAIL Really, when the Brits go around naming everything about this troubled correctional facility “super”, they’re just asking for trouble. A choice selection from the Guardian:

According to staff sources at the jail quoted by the Birmingham Post, every time lights are switched on in cell blocks the prison’s power system trips out. Showers also come on automatically, spewing scalding water across the floors of the accommodation units without warning, even though no one is housed in those cells.

4 EL LOCO Mexican officials were showing off the appropriately-named El Loco, the man who’s alleged to be behind the decapitation of 49 people.