1 SLICE SLICE SLICE More jobs are on notice or kaput entirely due to Ottawa cutbacks. Parks Canada was hit the worst; the Globe and Mail has all the details featuring what seems to all the world to be terribly shortsighted thinking.


At Correctional Services Canada, 17 inmate rights and redress workers received notices. John Edmunds, the Union of Solicitor General Employees, warned that prisons become more dangerous when prisoners do not feel their concerns are being heard.

2 HBO HANDS OUT TWO RENEWALS, BECAUSE YOU KNEW THEY WOULD Really, the cable channel will gives everything a second season. It takes a disaster on the level of Luck, the horse-racing show that loved horses but couldn’t stop killing them during production, to not get a second season to air on HBO. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the two series up for renewal this time around have a bunch of buzz around them — positive for Veep and mixed-but-abundant for Girls.

3 NERD PROM Well, POLITICO would like you to think that the headline item for Rick Santorum at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was his photo with Lindsay Lohan. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great. The lead story here, though, is clearly his photo with the Mythbusters guys.

4 LINGERIE FOOTBALL NEWS WON’T QUIT The Leader-Post has an interview with the founder of the Lingerie Football League, coming out to tell everyone that this is a legitimate sport in a sensationalist wolf’s clothes. “Women’s athletics have struggled. They have struggled forever to gain traction … you have to have a gimmick or a hook to bring (fans) in,” he told the LP.