Four In The Afternoon

1 REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES, ROUND 2 Right now, citizens of New Hampshire are deciding who’ll be the next Republican nominee for president. Mitt Romney is a shoe-in for the win; it’s all a matter of margins right now.

My own, very uneducated predictions: Romney takes a double-digit per cent lead thanks to the early resources he’s sunk into the state. Ron Paul takes second due to a constant of level of support among his die-hards and the youths who don’t know any better when they vote for him. Rick Santorum takes third, his extreme social conservative positions turning New Hampshire voters off (no pun intended) but momentum still counting for something. Jon Huntsman gains significantly on his Iowa numbers, but not enough that he and his dad’s money and his daughters — who have their own joint verified Twitter account — will have a real hope in the end. Tell me how wrong I am in the comments.

2 IT’S SO WARM OUT THERE Regina reached a record high recently. Lucky me, ’cause otherwise, my jean jacket wouldn’t have afforded me near enough warmth when I was locked out of work this morning at 5 a.m. With the temperate weather and a scarf, I was good, but otherwise? I’d be a tubby icicle, greeting customers as they walked into the store for the rest of the day.

3 TCA CONTINUES TO DELIVER So much fun stuff has been coming out of the winter press tour for the Television Critics Association. Take, for instance, the gold ABC head honcho Paul Lee gave the world when he said he didn’t see what the problem was with Work It. Work It, the sitcom where men dress as women because there just aren’t jobs out there for dudes. Ladies, you’re hogging it all! Give it back! A show of which the ever-astute Linda Holmes said,

To apply any standard to it at all is allegedly to miss the point, which is that it is meant to be part of training audiences to mindlessly gnaw on the bottom of the barrel while paying no attention to how much better comedy is available elsewhere, whether you like your comedy silly or brainy.

Lee’s professed ignorance is a comedic premise superior to the one at work in Work It. Probably not something that would work on ABC show, but if he pitches it to Showtime, then maybe this could fly.

4 JAMES JOYCE IS PUBLIC DOMAIN MobyLives outlines why this is a good thing:

[T]here’s a reason lots of literary types other than publishers — o, those bastards! — are celebrating the free-dom of James Joyce. And that reason is that they no longer have to live in fear of the Joyce estate, and in particular Joyce’s grandson Stephen James Joyce, whom, as we’ve reported before, has been known to threaten professors for reading Joyce aloud at seminars. A 2006 New Yorker story by D.T. Max reported that, on the centenary of Bloomsday, Stephen Joyce even “threatened the Irish government with a lawsuit if it staged any Bloomsday readings; the readings were cancelled.”

Read that whole post here.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

12 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon”

  1. Out on a limb: Huntsman finishes second, on the strength of his late surge. In the grand scheme of things, of course, it means absolutely nothing.

  2. #1 On the other hand, Romney did throw his hat into the ring. If hats have a place in the primaries, then why not shoes as well?

  3. I have often quoted Joyce over the fence to my neighbour. I’m delighted that I may do so now guilt-free and without fear of prosecution.

  4. 1)
    ” and the youths who don’t know any better “.

    If any voter could actually by memory recite the manifesto of any specific political party that runs anywhere on this planet, I’d be totally suprised.

    If there is any real measurable difference, between the 3 parties,( in Canada too ), send me some insight.

    We all talk “green” but very few of the eligible vote for them.

    Ron is Right!

  5. American needs a good reason to change presidents in 2012. No one is going to change anything. They’re all equally powerless against China, India, NAFTA, and the Corporate State. They must all know this. Why do they want to be president at all? The only thing they make in the US anymore is Lattes.

  6. “youths who don’t know any better” – I think you are describing middle aged people who benignly accept a Democratic Party President who:

    1)Supports the use of cluster bombs on only quasi-legal raids on Pakistan that kill innocent children.

    2)Supports the assassination of US citizens without charge of trial.

    3)Supports bailouts and handouts to banks and the biggest corporations – to the point where every economic advisor of importance to him is a Goldman Sachs alum.

    4)Supports the extension of the Patriot Act and the signing of SOPA.

    5)Proudly presents a health care bill that mandates PRIVATE health insurance – yet gives a flyer to big companies like McDonalds, Walmart etc. from providing said insurance to their employees.

    Ron Paul is not without serious flaws. But he inspires because he talks about big issues. If Paul is a “racist”, then in fairness Obama is a warmonger and a corporatist.

    Tweedle dum and tweedle dee if you ask me. Atleast Paul won’t get the US involved in any more wars.

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