1 DID YOU EVER KNOW WE HAD AN AIRPORT? Regina International Airport has launched an awareness campaign to combat “customer leakage” in southeastern Saskatchewan to the Minot Airport. To that end, there are billboards, contests and the unsurprising Facebook page. One of the prizes is a night at a Days Inn in Regina! What else have they got up their sleeves? Soup crackers maybe? How about this half-empty bottle of soy sauce? Truly we are living in a golden age of advertising.

2 SPOILED FOOD WILL NOT MAKE YOU SICK At least, the spoilage bacteria that greens your meat and clots your milk won’t kill you, even though it may disgust you. It’s the pathogenic bacteria that does you in, and it’s odourless and tasteless. Mind you, if you eat spoiled food you’re totally gross. You’re a grosspig.

3 CANADA IS SENDING THE ARMY IN TO COMBAT TROPICAL BREEZES Hello Jamaica! We have helicopters and “military staff” ready to send down to you, because this hurricane season is set to be a doozy. I can’t wait to see our military fighting hurricanes with their anti-hurricane missiles and wind-dampening rifles. Someday we’re going to take this fight straight to Zeus.

4 SAY, HAS ANYONE NOTICED YET ANOTHER BANK GOING DOWN THE TUBES According to this piece from Yves Smith, Bank Of America is in serious trouble. Smith manages to translate the financial data into popular jargon that I still don’t entirely understand (really, just try following some of the analogies), but it’s clear enought that BoA in deep doo-doo.