4 in the Afternoon1 SASKATCHEWAN SELLS HABITAT The Province is selling a schwack of protected land to the ranchers who rent it. Because, who the heck knows. “This isn’t about monetary things” says the environment minister. (CBC)

2 GALLOWAY BAN COURT CASE CONTINUES Last year the federal government barred British MP George Galloway from entering Canada, claiming he’s a terrorist. He isn’t. It was a silly move to keep a critic of Israel from speaking in our country. So Galloway sued our silly “no freedom of speech for you” government. It’s in court now. Here’s the latest. (Globe And Mail)

3 SASKATCHEWAN IGNORES TRADE PACT WARNINGS The Provincial government is moving ahead on a privately-negotiated deal with Alberta and British Columbia to create what Premier Brad Wall once called “largest barrier-free trade and investment market in Canada.” Here’s James Wood’s story in the Leader-Post. We don’t know what’s in this secret deal yet but the people who worry about these things will say they’re afraid that the pact could 1.) Take away the government’s ability to favour local companies and local workers on publicly-tendered contract bids  2.) force the government to contract out some public services 3.) force the government to repeal regulations because they’re “barriers to investment” 4.) handcuff the government’s ability to bring in new initives and programs where they might undermine some private businesses profits 5.) give power to stupid “trade panels” that can fine governments up to five million dollars for breaking whatever these rules are. Basically, the people who don’t trust this deal will say it takes power away from democratic government and gives it to business. The Saskatchewan government’s response to these concerns: “Aw, don’t be scared, little feller–it’ll be okay. Trust us.”

4 SUCK IT UP, PRINCESS Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been scolded by the judge and schooled  by Parliament. And now he’s got to share the information in the Afghan detainee files. Maybe. (Globe And Mail)