Four In The Afternoon

1. IT COULD BE WORSE FOR OUR CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS. According to the Globe and Mail, Canada’s cultural institutions ‘held steady’ in 2010. Although things are going to get rocky in the next couple of years.

2. GAYS NO LONGER CRAZY IN ALBERTA. Our friendly province next door has removed homosexuality from its diagnostic guide of mental disorders. Only 37 years behind the American Psychiatric Association.

3. A REAL-LIFE FROGGER GAME ENDS POORLY. Remember Frogger? That classic arcade game in which you attempt to guide a frog across a traffic-infested highway? Someone tried to play a live-action version of Frogger in South Carolina last Monday but lost to an SUV. Presumably he racked up enough points for an extra life, because the man is in stable condition at an area hospital.

4. LOOKS LIKE BP WILL DO JUST FINE, THANKS. The financial liabilities resulting from BP’s massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill in April of 2010 are not nearly as bad as the company feared. Fines and fees are in excess of 40 billion – but that’s not enough to do any real damage to their bottom line. Which means that they could do this kind of thing again some time. I look forward to BP’s next assault on the environment.

Author: Aidan Morgan

Aidan is a very serious man who's saving up for a nice dignified pipe. Then we'll see who's laughing.

2 thoughts on “Four In The Afternoon”

  1. Back again. Here’s what’s got me perplexed today – why is this here humble website (glorified blog) so crap-tacular in comparison to the more robust, interactive and generally 100% better site over at Planet S? They have pictures and text that moves, and searchable listings for events and venue, a format that lets you see all the main stories on the front page, etc. none of which exists here. Also, I can click on the Planet S link from the home page of this site, but they have no link whatsoever to the Prairie Dog (at least one that I can see). What gives?

  2. Hi Perplexed! We had different web designers for the different papers. In the future we might move to a harmonized design with the best of both websites. In the meantime, our site might not have flashing graphics but we DO have this lovable blog where you and I can chat. Planet S’ blog is clunky to work with, which is why there are so few posts.

    There is a link to us on their site, but it’s buried at the bottom of the page. I guess if you live in Saskatoon, Regina is an afterthought.

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