More than half the polls are reporting now and Fougere has a comfortable lead. Looks like all or all but one of polls are in. The vote tally is Fougere 20740, Donnelly 15591, Okochi 8844, Brass 2470, Elliott 432, Novak 374, Wiebe 278, Siekawitch 179 Brown 132.

He’s already dropped by city hall and met with the media. CJME has declared it a Fougere victory.

Here’s the audio of that first scrum with Mayor Fougere.

Fougere talks to the media by Paul Dechene

Right now, the council that we can safely say we’ll be seeing in this session is, Fougere as mayor, Shawn Fraser for Ward 3, John Findura for Ward 5, Wade Murray for Ward 6, Sharron Bryce for Ward 7, O’Donnell for Ward 8, Terry Hincks for Ward 9. And now we can say that we have Barbara Young has taken Ward 1, Hawkins took Ward 2, Burnett took Ward 4 and Flegel took Ward 10.