Fougere Declared Mayor Of All Regina

More than half the polls are reporting now and Fougere has a comfortable lead. Looks like all or all but one of polls are in. The vote tally is Fougere 20740, Donnelly 15591, Okochi 8844, Brass 2470, Elliott 432, Novak 374, Wiebe 278, Siekawitch 179 Brown 132.

He’s already dropped by city hall and met with the media. CJME has declared it a Fougere victory.

Here’s the audio of that first scrum with Mayor Fougere.

Fougere talks to the media by Paul Dechene

Right now, the council that we can safely say we’ll be seeing in this session is, Fougere as mayor, Shawn Fraser for Ward 3, John Findura for Ward 5, Wade Murray for Ward 6, Sharron Bryce for Ward 7, O’Donnell for Ward 8, Terry Hincks for Ward 9. And now we can say that we have Barbara Young has taken Ward 1, Hawkins took Ward 2, Burnett took Ward 4 and Flegel took Ward 10.

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

33 thoughts on “Fougere Declared Mayor Of All Regina”

  1. Except for Fraser in Ward 3, all I have to say is shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

  2. Save your spleen, Moon Daddy; you’ll live longer. Consider the old saying: if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch.

    Bernadette, you did vote so you can bitch. Two out of three of my choices didn’t make it to office, either, but I’ll get over it.

  3. I voted. 0 for 2. Our council remains lobsided and committed to spending our grandchildren into deep debt for Pat and Brad’s Regina legacy project. Meanwhile, I saw yet another non-natural spring spouting water on Lorne Street 2 days ago.

  4. Fiacco 2.0
    Regina’s Mitt Romney
    The king of the weird mouth on the bare chin

    Fougere wins the race after not showing up to two debates.

    Looks like Regina citizens are a real dumb bunch.

  5. I’ll never forget Jeannie Mah’s imitation of the Regina electorate, when Jeannie bent over and yelled “Again! Again!”

    And yes, of course I voted. I fell for it, again. I really thought people were smarter — the Rider people, the vote splitters. All attachment leads to suffering.

  6. #14…dumb bunch is putting it mildly.
    If you are doing a survey, Barb..yes, I voted.
    Ron, we follow the same calendar. At least we don’t have to Xmas shop.
    I’m upset, and sad for our city.

  7. The people of Regina have spoke, and apparently, apart from Czarka, we’re fine with a city council who’ve helped create the lowest vacancy rate in Canada, who’ve overseen the mismanaged and over-budget city square, who’ve allowed the mess that is Quance Street, who’ve stood by as people were evicted in the midst of a housing crisis so the landlord could turn their apartment building into a surface parking lot, who’ve stood by as heritage buildings were knocked down, who pretend that building a football stadium is tied to a plan for housing, who have allowed a pension deficit to occur…And our new mayor was a stalwart member of this city council for years.

  8. @ 14-17: I’m afraid what we’re witnessing is the final stage in the decline of the liberal-left, done in by lack of renewal, rightwing propaganda, misinformation…even new voters, whether from the farm or faraway land, do not seem remotely interested in common sense, old leftwing vanguard. They reject it as weak and divisive.

    The least we coulda got last night was a balanced council. No, we got total predictability. Barbara Young and Shawn Fraser will be listened to passively and summarily ignored.

    Solution: I have no idea. It’s feeling irrevocable. People want to run their trucks 25 minutes to “warm up” in mere -2C conditions. It’s our “liberal nature” to let them the “freedom” to do so. They’ll keep running their trucks in our faces till we do something about it.

  9. to #19: You are one of the people left who really believe in the lie of a left/right paradigm and foolishly refer to it whenever there is opposition to a particular decision or topic because your reasoning process is 50 years behind in the times.

    It’s naive to just write someone off as ‘liberal’ and it’s a clear example of the narrow mindedness in the political spectrum.

    I’m not liberal – but your force fed understanding of politics will make you assume I am over very little.

  10. There are a lot of very time sensitive issues that will have to wait four years or more now, and people will suffer as a result. I’ll continue to try my best from outside of power to build systems and communities resilient to the coming changes our world faces, but it was a rather discouraging result.

  11. @Aristottle, Talbot: The council Regina just elected are socialists when it comes to stadiums. @Barb: Hey, I didn’t see you last night but Paul did and is slightly guilty he didn’t say “hi” (he was pretty busy, so it’s an understandable failure). Anyway, I hope you had fun. Good turnout this year.

  12. @ Stephen: I didn’t say “hi” to Paul either because I saw how busy he was. Besides, I was sitting with a friend for moral support.

    @Talbot: we get it. You’re not happy.

  13. Congrats to Fougere and existing/new councilors. Voters want to stay with the existing Stadium and new neighbourhood development plans. Good. No more debates. Regina is coming out of it’s socialistic mentality.
    I will agree that housing, infrastructure, rentals and other problems can’t be sidelined.

  14. Well it needs to be acknowledged that a majority of mayoral votes went to candidates who did not support the current plan for the stadium (more than 57% of votes cast).

    Not that this will mean a thing to Mr. Fougere and his cheerleaders (Leader Post, Chamber of Commerce among others). We’ll get a stadium, it will have nothing to do with developing housing, nothing to do with regenerating the downtown and my guess is it will cost much more than they say it will (look how these guys bungled the city square costs), and will look nothing like the preliminary sketch suggests (look how these guys bungled the city square design).

    Curious timing on releasing that drawing of a non-costed dreamy looking stadium in the run-up to the election. How cynical to think they could hoodwink Regina voters. Can’t be done, no sir.

  15. @23, re: @12 – “Voting” doesn’t earn you the right to complain. If you voted for the charlatan who then turned around and made you unhappy, you don;t get to complain. You get to shut up and eat a sh*t sandwich and hopefully learn your lesson for next time.

  16. Talbot: you are making less and less sense, emoting all over the place, and to what purpose? People will think you’re a drama queen.

  17. #29: I’m confused. Do you mean a “Crip” hole? I only thought they had those gangbangers down in L.A.

  18. does anyone know what #27 is talking about? Does he? (or she)… whatever. Not making much sense, I know we are upset (well, ok, I am) re the election but. Don’t let your brain turn to mush. We have to hang around to pick up the pieces.

  19. We are pisedd because the wall razed allcoohl pricess, fak’er,,, & it costs the gist of us,more coin to get pissed.

  20. @28: Sorry Barb, I’ll go back to making this board count. Really, really count in the lives of Regina residents.

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