Former MLA Used Drugs: Report

Serge LeClerc denied he smoked the wacky weed, but he did! He did! And he also had cocaine delivered to his home. From CBC:

On Tuesday, after an expert examination of the audiotapes and transcripts of computer chats, conflict of interest commissioner Ron Barclay said in a 32-page report tabled in the legislature that he’s satisfied LeClerc spoke the words on the tape and there was no doctoring.

“According to the content of the recordings, it is my opinion that Mr. LeClerc smoked marijuana during the time period that he was an MLA, and that he had an unidentified person bring cocaine to his residence during the time period he was an MLA,” Barclay wrote.

The irony for poor LeClerc, a Saskatchewan Party MLA for Saskatoon Northeast before this story broke last April, is that weed should be legal and addictions ought to be treated like a health problem, not a criminal one (until someone gets stabbed or shot, anyway). This doesn’t strike me as a scandal. Just sad.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

8 thoughts on “Former MLA Used Drugs: Report”

  1. Yet Wall felt LeClerc was a great person to recruit to be an MLA from the very start and defended him when the accusations first occured.

  2. Yeah, I can’t say the SP has been too heavy-handed in shoveling religious-right morality down our throats (their base must be getting restless) but still; if this had been an NDP MLA, the SP and their outspoken media/business/tax-lobby friends would be ALL OVER IT. The NDP’s showing maturity by not pursuing it.

  3. For the NDP, the sad thing is that by getting rid of LeClerc, the SP ended up getting a better candidate.

  4. leclerc was a crusader for Teen Challenge.Thats the scandal.I hope there was nothing dodgy going on in that so called treatment centre.

  5. i wish we could return to the day when media (and the public) was more interested in what a politician did for the public than what he does in his living room/bedroom.

  6. @anonymous, here’s the thing: what Serge LeClerc claimed to do for the public was the exact opposite of what it now seems he was actually doing. Plus, he was the one who was cashing on the salty details of his private life (the marketing of his book and his paid work as a public speaker), so media reports on his quote/unquote “bedroom/living room” exploits are in the public interest.
    Now that he has retired from public service and dropped out of view, howev, and it’s quite clear he has some ongoing healthcare issues to deal with, it’s not really that cool or sporting to make digs at his problems. From this point forward, yes, he deserves his privacy. But what he did while a public figure and how that differed from the story he was quite literally selling the public, that’s news.

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