For The First Time Ever, A prairie dog Six In The A.M. Will Contain The Phrase “William Shatner Handcuffed To A Chimpanzee”

1 YEAH, GOT TO LOVE THE CONSERVATIVES for their commitment to smaller government – er, increasing the size of the federal bureaucracy and government (National Post), their commitment to getting the best bang for the taxpayers’ dollar – er, out of control increases in the government’s ‘lock them up and throw away the key’ sentencing plans (National Post), their commitment to heath care — er, spending $600,000 to shut down probably the most effective drug treatment plan Vancouver has (Vancouver Sun) and our excellent foreign policy – er, our army’s in deep doo-doo as it pulls out of losing the war in Afghanistan (National Post).

I’m linking to National Post stories? Are they on drugs? Am I on drugs?

2 STAY CLASSY PIERRE PELADEAU Recently Chiquita announced that it wouldn’t use tarsands oil to harvest or transport its bananas to market. This prompted that expert on civil discourse, Ezra Levant to tell a company official something about motherhood and sex – in that order – live, on the air, on the Sun ‘News’ Network. (Toronto Star)

3 BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY COOL IF HE DID, YOU HAVE TO ADMIT The CIA issues a statement saying that Barak Obama didn’t get teleported to Mars in an experiment in a California community college in the late 1980s. Seriously. (Wired) Five will get you six the Republicans and Fox News will be using this against Obama sometime during the election campaign.

4 OKAY ….. One of the greatest cellists in the world, YoYo Ma, meets a wombat on a bathroom floor in a Chicago theatre (Chicago Sun Times).

5 YEAH, THAT LADY BADEN POWELL WAS A BRA-BURNING BITCH Fox News announces a campaign to discredit the Girl Scouts. Yeah. (Media Matters via YouTube)

6 WHAT’S FOR DESSERT? I’ve just discovered a blog, The Bloggess, who must not only be one of the most interesting bloggers out there, but also has some of the most interesting commenters. She recently posted about who she would invite to her ultimate dinner party, and her guests include Queen Elizabeth (only if she’s drunk) and William Shatner handcuffed to Oliver the Chimpanzee (Wikipedia). In that case, I would invite Doctor Who because he’d know the chimp was the sane one in that relationship.

And some of her commenters seem to believe that Nathan Fillion has a twine fetish.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN First, go to this website, which plays a loop of rain sounds. Then start this video. Nick Drake, ‘Pink Moon.’

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

16 thoughts on “For The First Time Ever, A prairie dog Six In The A.M. Will Contain The Phrase “William Shatner Handcuffed To A Chimpanzee””

  1. #1
    Typos on this website
    are hardly something new;
    But it would be a whole lot worse
    if not for me and you!

  2. Well, you at least, because I’ve noticed that certain offenders only take correction from those they consider peers.

  3. #3 They don’t always listen to me either, Barb. They still haven’t corrected “Four in the Afternoon: Who Cares, Its Sunny.”
    p.s. When was I demoted to Stephen Whitworth’s peer?

  4. If we want to get really pedantic, the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA was Juliette Low.

    The Girl Guides, on the other hand, were founded in the UK a few years earlier by Agnes Baden Powell, who was Lord Baden Powell’s sister, not wife. So, if Wikipedia serves, she never had the title of “lady.”

  5. Re #8: Fortunately, no, seeing as most major boons to humanity — such as vaccines — are invented by people with a serious pedantic streak.

  6. #9 No offence taken, Barb. The demotion came as quite a shock, that’s all.
    #10 Good one!!

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