For Shame, John Gormley!

John’s all in a froth over Weinergate. From his Twitter feed yesterday:

“Douche”, John? Do you email your mother with those fingers?

Heck, even here at foul-mouthed p-dog, we try our darndest to avoid the term. (With only Whitworth a miserable failure on that score.) As Barb Saylor pointed out in a pair of comments from October 27,

“… do you realize that all the “douche” variants are dreadfully offensive to women?”


“I vote for the term ‘hosepail’ (in place of the douche variants). It worked on ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’.”

I don’t agree with Barb on everything, but on the subjects of propriety and the correct use of the English language, I will defer to her. (In fact, I’ve been trying to use the word “knob” in place of “douche” in my writing.) And I’d recommend you do the same Mr Gormley. Your Twitter feed can be accessed by anyone, John. Anyone!

Think of the children!

What will happen if they start asking uncomfortable questions about inadvisable feminine hygiene practices? Worse, your cavalier use of the term could lead to douching experimentation.

So, please, knock it off with the douche.

As for Weinergate… can someone explain to me how this is an issue worthy of heaping loads of outrage on Saskatchewan talk radio? And how exactly it reveals me as a typical despicable liberal for thinking this is at its absolute worst just a teensy bit funny. Because the guy’s name is Weiner. (Tee hee.)

On Weinergate, as in most discussions of things dangly-bits related, I will cede the floor to Dan Savage (item three).

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

27 thoughts on “For Shame, John Gormley!”

  1. Who says things like “There. I just said it.” anymore? That was about a 3 minute (stupid)cliche 5 years ago wasn’t it? It’s like a comedian explaining her/his joke.

  2. He calls a perverted politician a douche and scumbag while Prairie Dog calls farmers and rural residents hayseeds or rednecks with trucker caps, beer and shotguns looking to get laid.

    Everyone has their bogeyman. The true test is how low one stoops to belittle the bogeyman.

  3. Thanks for the plug, Paul…and apparently you and Jon Stewart share the same sense of humour.
    If not for the at-home convenience of Facebook, Twitter, etc., the hosepail in question would have had to resort to hanging around schoolyards, sitting in the face-to-face seats on the bus, or hovering in park bushes, so perhaps we should be grateful for small mercies.

  4. Gormley is pretty much the worst, but I think his “There are lots of shitty things to call women; let’s brainstorm some for the men!” sentiment is much worse than the actual terms he comes up with–though of those, I’d argue that “man whore” is the worst in terms of harm to women.

    “Douche” is used pretty frequently in a lot of feminist circles (and usually not uncritically), including by this self-identified raging feminist. Not that critiques of the word as an insult aren’t worthwhile–I’m just saying that deciding that it’s an offensive insult to women isn’t the only conclusion one can come to.

  5. Hey, when was the last time I used “douche”? Everybody’s picking on meee!

  6. Mike – Prairie Dog doesn’t call rural people those things! Just the rural people that vote for the likes of Vellacott/Trost/Lukiwski and the likes. I think that’s fair don’t you??

  7. JB – thanks for pointing out saying someone is a “man whore” is offensive to women. I just had this conversation the other day.

  8. @Barb: Nice character assassination. Hanging out in school yards? Where the hell did you make that leap from?

    Salon’s Glenn Greenwald dissects this. Based on your comments, he might as well have been talking about you:

    “…empty, barren, purse-lipped busybodies who cannot stay out of other adults’ private and sexual lives…”

  9. Funny, I was about to say the same of you.

    Bottom line is that I’m a bit more Jeffersonian than you, apparently. As in, if it neither breaks my leg or picks my pocket (or that of anyone else) what business is it of mine?

    You, on the other hand, seem to take a more blue-haired approach. If you were is the cast of WKRP, I suspect you’d have been one of the people protesting Dr. Johnny Fever’s use of the term “booger”.

    But what it really boils down to is that you’re imposing your own personal morality on others. That’s not on. Because personal morality is exactly that — personal. I suspect you’d hate my definition of it as much as I hate the glimpses you’ve given me of yours.

    That’s precisely why we have LAWS — they’re the things we CAN all agree on. Apparently none have been broken here. Which is precisely why I take issue with your statements.

    Lacking any evidence to support your outrageous linking of Wiener to pedophilia, I MUST protest. It’s that kind of self-righteous sloppy thinking that’s ruining our country, and, really, western civilization.

  10. I frown on Gordeaux’ hostility and abuse. Frowny face! Gord’s comments are not insightful and hilarious! At all! Seriously, Barb is great to argue with but I don’t think she’s a fan of personal insults. Please consider saving the “grraarrgh” for the people who like to frolic in that idiom.

    Thanks for the Greenwald link. I’ve been meaning to read that piece. Glenn Greenwald is a great political writer.

  11. That comment’s directed more at @9 Gord than at @12 Gord. And I have met Barb, and she does not have blue hair, and as a regular prairie dog reader she most certainly DOES NOT blanch at boogers. So there.

  12. In this case, I am offended by the term ‘douche.’

    Sometimes, doucheing is necessary. How necessary is John Gormley?

  13. Ta, Stephen. And I might point out, for those who do not let their tempers obstruct their thinking, that paedophilia and exhibitionism are 2 different things.

  14. Er…I thought that the thrust of Gordeux’ argument was that Barb was making paedophilia and exhibitionism morally equivalent; he was not claiming that it was the same thing.

    Having said this, I really, really am enjoying where this thread is going.

  15. In fairness, Stephen, that was a direct quote from the column. I simply allowed how it could apply to Barb.

    And yes #17 — precisely. Hanging out in school yards? By your “the hosepail in question” statement, I assume you’re talking about Rep. Anthony Wiener? Age 47? If you’re claiming he’s the sort to be exposing himself to schoolgirls, that would, umm, be equating him with a pedophile.

    What really happened here? I don’t know. But what I’ve seen suggest a quite racy two-way conversation was ongoing, and he sent some naked pics, that were unexpected on the other end. He assumed things that weren’t there. These things happen sometimes.

    Like the memorable Friday afternoon in the spring of 1989, during a film appreciation course at Campion College, where an unnamed classmate of mine that I’d had a long-term flirtation with grabbed my package in the middle of a crowded auditorium.

    I was a bit taken aback, but I didn’t call Andrew friggin’ Breitbart. Nor did I assume she was a pervert. I just assumed she had lousy timing.

    So I again say, yes, Barb. You’re right. Exhibitionism and pedophilia are NOT the same thing. So why did you imply they are?

    Oh, and I think it’s a stretch, to say the least, to call what when on exhibitionism anyway. Dumb ass-itude, perhaps. But you’re stretching so far to make a point I keep expecting you to break.

  16. Why the hell did nothing like that ever happen to me at film appreciation class? (sighs)

  17. well its hard for gormelly too shake off a name that any one with a unbiased iq, think of him

  18. his biased right sided radio show is a threat too democracy, and hope he gos the way of tom Flanagan one day his true feelings will also surface and a word will slip out and him and his talk show buddys will go the way of Conrad black duffy wallin rus linbaugh beck pallin ,and wall and harper will distance themselves from them and will have too find new supporters and promoters, and might possibly show up with a senate seat or head of cisisect

  19. Hey Rosie at least Gormley is a real journalist. Don’t play with the big dogs little puppy

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  21. As soon as jOHN can find any thing on someone who isnt a right wing fcsait hes all over it too draw attention away from his crooked right wing friends, which I could name off a hundred with out even thinking or trying ,

  22. Seen the video on gormelys book event on the BS gormely papers ,they should be copied unto every roll of toilet paper where the might be of some use,,, I wander if the curse put on him by the shawman will work ,does any one know that if you want too put a advertisement sign on our tax payed public city bus, that gormelys radio station has the advertiseing rights or contract you pay them for your add also in Saskatoon talk about right wing favours and biase,very undemocratic bordering on fcsait.out right scary

  23. One good way too check out some ones credibity or reputation or motives is too check out some of there peers or who they support or look up too or , there,,
    acquaint or heroes, in gormelys case Mulroney shrieber Devine pockington con black g bush maggot thatcher trump cherry Duffy Wallin Rob ford collin thatcher too name just a very few the list is endless in torrid ,torrie circles hmm I rest my case

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