John’s all in a froth over Weinergate. From his Twitter feed yesterday:

“Douche”, John? Do you email your mother with those fingers?

Heck, even here at foul-mouthed p-dog, we try our darndest to avoid the term. (With only Whitworth a miserable failure on that score.) As Barb Saylor pointed out in a pair of comments from October 27,

“… do you realize that all the “douche” variants are dreadfully offensive to women?”


“I vote for the term ‘hosepail’ (in place of the douche variants). It worked on ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’.”

I don’t agree with Barb on everything, but on the subjects of propriety and the correct use of the English language, I will defer to her. (In fact, I’ve been trying to use the word “knob” in place of “douche” in my writing.) And I’d recommend you do the same Mr Gormley. Your Twitter feed can be accessed by anyone, John. Anyone!

Think of the children!

What will happen if they start asking uncomfortable questions about inadvisable feminine hygiene practices? Worse, your cavalier use of the term could lead to douching experimentation.

So, please, knock it off with the douche.

As for Weinergate… can someone explain to me how this is an issue worthy of heaping loads of outrage on Saskatchewan talk radio? And how exactly it reveals me as a typical despicable liberal for thinking this is at its absolute worst just a teensy bit funny. Because the guy’s name is Weiner. (Tee hee.)

On Weinergate, as in most discussions of things dangly-bits related, I will cede the floor to Dan Savage (item three).