Folk Festival Fever

The 42nd Regina Folk Festival got underway last night. Here is a list of notable observations:

1.  Fred Penner successfully united generations with his cheerful, upbeat antics. Kudos for crawling through the log, Fred!

2. Montreal based Braids are fantastic. A highlight for sure.

3. The “Before I die I want to _______”wall is deadly. Great Idea!

4. No smoking area? Smokers want to see the stage too!  I get why you shouldn’t smoke everywhere, but I saw at least a few suitably isolated locations. It’s an alienating policy begging to be disregarded. Besides, cigarette smokers provide cover for friendly pot smokers.

5. Somersaulting is more fun than you remember – especially in combination with beer.

6. Andrew Bird seems to have built a music career out of whistling. Clever fellow.

7. Etran Finatawa rocked the After Dark Carnival!

I heard a rumor of daytime beer gardens! Let’s get down!

Photo by Kim Jay

Folk Festival 2011

4 thoughts on “Folk Festival Fever”

  1. I’m pretty sure the no-smoking policy is out of control – they probably have to treat the whole Vic Park as a regular venue, with certain dispensations.

    That said, I don’t care a whole lot about anyone who wants to smoke weed on the grounds. Murphy’s Law guarantees that if anyone is smoking at the festival, they’ll be standing in my immediate vicinity and I will come out watching Andrew Bird smelling like shit.

  2. More pics, please!! I can’t make the festival and want to see what the park and stuff look like.

  3. Marijuana is not a “weed”,It it prescribed for medication And recreation.
    The Elm “trees” in Regina,are weeds.
    I would’nt mind seeing the street that I am driving on at night, instead of the shadow of a 40′ tall “tree”.

  4. Found out last night, turns out that now smoking will be allowed near the tables by the beer gardens. Butt cans are provided so use ’em!

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