8 thoughts on “Foliage Report: Tuesday, May 13”

  1. Each day’s photo is more depressing than the last. Maybe you should suspend the daily updates until such time as one tiny green bud rears its pretty little head. (PLEEEEZ, for the sake of my sanity!) (C’mon, Whitworth, you know it’s the right thing to do.)

  2. Is there any chance you could post the picture from last year, May 13th??? Baited breathe..

  3. Sure, that makes me feel a WHOLE.LOT.BETTER. Thanks a lot, Whitworth. You’re one sick puppy. (Rather than mark your words, I fear I may be forced to drown your words — perhaps with beer — if I don’t see any green by May 17 or 18.)

  4. Thanks for digging out last year, but the green leaves from the year before….sheeeez. However, on the up side, 2012 would have dried and died earlier. I think.

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