4 thoughts on “Foliage Report Of Unending Despair: Monday, May 19”

  1. Listen, Whitworth, too many of us are getting MORE than a little tired of the bullshit you keep posting under the Foliage Report. Like it wasn’t enough that your damn tree has ZERO greenery past the half-way point of May this year — then you just had to post those photos from 2011 and 2013. If there are still no leaves in today’s photo update — for your own safety and sanity, you might want to consider closing comments in the Foliage Report.

  2. Well…I, for one, look forward to the daily foliage report. But, this is Global Warming???Seriously, I think that tree is dead. For those interested in the global warming thing, please watch ‘Chasing Ice’ on Netfix..made me a believer.

  3. Once again, I must express shock that this blog would have commentators who had to be “converted” to the obvious of man-made climate change. Maybe you’re all Gen Y and really believe in ‘your right’ to your version of history? Anyway, it’s fairly obvious that tree buds are delayed when winter drags on and spring is slow to warm. Watch for major blooming this wkend.

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