5 thoughts on “Foliage Report: Friday, May 23”

  1. Finally! Tiny droplets of green have replaced my tears of despair and sadness. More greening to come over the weekend! I sense the Foliage Report tree is off and running. Good work, Whitworth. Your nightly hugs and reassuring words did wonders for the sad and lonely creature outside your window.

  2. Woo Hoo !!!! Just thinkin’…sure doesn’t take much to make us happy…but this works for me.

  3. Hi. When is this going to switch to; the daily Iconic coliseum ? Pics of a 30′ hole getting dug would be almost as exciting as watching a tree grow.

  4. i’d enjoy this feature more if you instagramed it or ran it thru some type of trippy filter.

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