Flauto Dolce

When I was in elementary school, I recall receiving instruction on how to play the recorder as part of our music education. One tune we learned to play, and probably performed at school concerts a time or two, was “Hot Cross Buns”.

I doubt it will be on the program of this Per Sonatori concert which goes Friday at Knox Met Church. But the Baroque Period Ensemble will be joined by a guest soloist who will play the recorder.  The soloist is Alison Melville, and she hails from Toronto. And her mastery of this particular woodwind far exceeds anything I managed when I was in school.

Start time for Flauto Dolce is 8 p.m., and tickets are Adults $20, Students $15, with seven and under admitted for free. To close, here’s video from 2010 which features Melville in concert with a small group of musicians:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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