The 1980s were kind of a lame¬†decade for me. The punk scene was out there, but I wasn’t as tapped into it as I could have been. The 1990s, with a surge in quality Canadian music and the grunge/garage scene was much more my style.

Which brings me to the subject at hand — a blog post on a touring production of a Broadway musical based on the mega-1983 hit Flashdance… What a Feeling!¬†At least, I think that was its full title, because when I was hanging out with friends we used to mock it by saying “Flashdance dot dot dot What a Feeling!”

But the story of a struggling dancer (Jennifer Beals) who does that running really fast in the same spot thing during the song “Maniac”, and gets doused with water when sprawled on chair at another point, and poses seductively in an extra stretchy sweater with big hair at a third point, definitely resonated with a lot of people.

And I imagine this musical production will be equally popular. It’s on at Conexus Arts Centre Feb. 22-23. Curtain both nights is 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $72.75-$94. See the Conexus website for details.