Without any irony or sarcasm whatsoever, let me say that I think Nicolas Cage is a great actor. In the right role and with the right director, he can be great. Discounting both of those, he still usually brings something entertaining to the movie. Rarely will I watch a Cage film just to see him crazy it up. (Though if you’re watching The Family Man, like I was the other day, be on the lookout for a scene where he pins Tea Leoni to some stairs and laughs the most terrifying, wild-eyed laugh for a five seconds right into her face. Definitely makes the film worth it.)

But I will say that the entire value of the original Nic Cage Ghost Rider movie was the first scene where he started on fire. Ghost Rider is a Marvel superhero, a skeleton riding a motorcycle powered by hellfire or something like that. A big reason they brought Cage in, it seemed, was for the scene when he first transformed into the hero, his skin getting consumed by flame.

Well, they’re bringing him back for the second flick, and they just released the first trailer. The original movie was boring more than anything else; this makes it look like at least a sequel in spirit to the fabulous Drive Angry 3D. I’m pumped.