First Two Stories From My RSS Reader

Side by side, at that, and both from NPR. First up, “Teens Aren’t the Rampant Sexting Maniacs We Thought”. The article cites a survey that says “[just] 1 percent of teens say they’ve created sexually explicit images and shared them”. Good to hear.

Next up: “Who Are The 1 Percent? Gallup Finds They’re A Lot Like The 99 Percent”. I guess keep that in mind next time you’re considering the issue of underage sexting.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

One thought on “First Two Stories From My RSS Reader”

  1. No surprise there. Most teens are normal, intelligent people who understand the implicaish of having naked/racy photos or communiques of yourself out there. In fact I’ve always assumed that everyone from 2002 or so onwards have been that much more inhibited, faced with the threat of mass exposure via Internet/texting/email. No surprise there.

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