Finance Minister Ken Krawetz Won’t Run Again

The founding member of the Saskatchewan Party (he was a Liberal back in the day) says he’s romped his last rodeo (I’m paraphrasing). CBC has the story.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

16 thoughts on “Finance Minister Ken Krawetz Won’t Run Again”

  1. Mr. Krawetz has been a good public servant. I wish him well in his new endeavours.

  2. First of all, this is the Internet, no one cares that you wish him well. Second, isn’t that what to “paraphrase” means? In this instance, replacing Lou with Ken but preserving the original meaning of the statement?

    At any rate, Lou is a lazy, self-centered @-hole and I guess his whole presence on the show is to illustrate how advertising (and pretty much everything else) went from creative to corporate in the 1970s and beyond, emphasis on profits and churning out ‘adequate’ and/or mediocre crap.

  3. This is the internet, where dictionaries are readily available; you obviously need one, because your definition of “paraphrase” is way off the mark.

    As to the rest of your comment: here you are at the OK Corral, and all you have is a pen knife.

  4. OK, that was wrong, unhelpful and unkind, and for that I apologize.

    The correct way of signalling a paraphrase is not only to say you’re doing it, but also, if you’re writing, to indicate it with punctuation: e.g. “[Ken] was adequate!”

    What I won’t apologize for is my statement about Mr. Krawetz. Posts on the dogblog, except for the occasional software glitch, are open. I think that most people who avail themselves of this forum have a pretty good grasp of its relative importance, and are not guided by others’ perceptions of what is or isn’t worth caring about. Mr. Krawetz had a long career in school board and provincial politics, held a number of offices in both milieus, and amassed a variety of experience that stood him in good stead in each position he held. People who have never had the responsibilities of elected office may judge him, but the value of their opinion is debatable, to say the least.

  5. [i]The correct way of signalling a paraphrase is not only to say you’re doing it, but also, if you’re writing, to indicate it with punctuation: e.g. “[Ken] was adequate!” [/i]

    That is absolute nonsense.

  6. I don’t see how the value of someone’s opinion is debatable because they’ve never been elected to office. I might disagree with someone but they’re certainly entitled to their opinion. By the way — Talbot, I’m curious as to whether or not you’ve ever been elected to office. I won’t presume to know that and judge you based on a false assumption. Hell, I’ll judge you for many things but never on whether or not you’ve been elected and certainly not on the kind of dictionary you use (or whether you use one at all!).

    As for Krawetz’s retirement — good for him for sticking it out in the public eye as long as he has — not sure if that takes guts or cahones or maybe a certain level of insanity. Having said that, I really don’t appreciate many of the decisions and actions his government has taken over the past 7 years. He’s been a key member of the inner circle and has somehow managed to remain relatively unscathed despite his support for such things as the death of the Saskatchewan film industry, skyrocketing tuition rates at our universities because of woeful financial support from the government, almost record levels of children living in poverty and using our food banks, questionable cuts to various programs and services despite the province taking in record revenues in our booming resource-based economy, disastrous and short-sighted spending cuts to environmental programs — to name just a few. Maybe the fact that Krawetz can shed a tear at the drop of a hat is what has made him appear vulnerable and caring. I can’t begin to count the number of TV news stories I’ve seen where Krawetz is crying, has just finished wiping a tear or is about to burst into tears. It’s an amazing ability, to be sure. But, don’t be fooled by the tears — Krawetz could have and should have worked harder to stop many of the bad and harmful decisions his government has made. Now that Krawetz is moving on, maybe there’s still hope for the government to get back on the right track. But, when I look at what the options are for a new Finance Minister, or for the renewal of what I would regard as a rather tired, old, out of touch group of people with a growing sense of entitlement in Cabinet — well, that makes me even more hopeless and afraid of what’s to come.

  7. Rebecca: people are always entitled to their opinions, and that would include assessment of other people’s opinions. Someone who has had responsibilities and has been accountable for them has more weight with me than an armchair critic.

  8. Can’t leave a comment section hanging with 13 entries. Might as well walk under a ladder for cripes sake.

  9. I wish Ken the best as well. Let’s be frank about one thing. Being the finance minister means many tough choices that won’t make everyone happy.
    And compared to his style of politics…’s much more low key and boring compared to the latest on news magnet Rob Ford. I think that means Ken has more credibility.

  10. The “OK Corral”? The penis mightier than the sword. I mean, the pen knife is mightier.

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