Films For Foodies

For a few years now the RPL Film Theatre has been holding a foodie fundraiser. The next one is set to go on Saturday Nov. 7. The event typically involves a screening of a food-themed film along with an opportunity to sample specially prepared refreshments. This year, The Capitol Jazz Club & Tapas Bar, the Lancaster Taphouse, Rebellion Brewing and the Backyard are participating.

The film that is screening is the 2014 documentary The Search for General Tso which explores the history of mass market Chinese food in the United States. The film will be followed by a reception, and more details can be found on the RPL website. Tickets are $20.

To give you a taste of what to expect, here’s the trailer for The Search for General Tso

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. In Orleans, Ont, there’s a place called My Favourite Chinese Food that does a wicked Gen Tao’s, even Pearson has some chainy-type place like that that does it…so why no Gen. Tao’s in Regina? Ridiculous. I think maybe you can but it commercially frozen from grocery stores. It’s like jinja bif, only chicken and more … vibrant.

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