Voting is just winding up in the second round of the NDP Leadership convention in Toronto. After the first round, three candidates dropped out of the race: Nikki Ashton, who was forced to withdraw by virture of being the lowest vote getter in the first round, and Martin Singh and Paul Dewar, who chose to drop out after receiving only marginally more support than Ashton.

That leaves four candidates still alive in the second round. According to CBC, Mulcair picked up Singh’s delegates after he withdrew, and also received an endorsement from NDP MP Charlie Angus, who had previously backed Dewar. You can read more here

And here’s the vote totals from the first ballot:

Thomas Mulcair 19,728

Brian Topp 13,915

Nathan Cullen 10,671

Peggy Nash 8,353

Paul Dewar 4,883

Martin Singh 3,821

Niki Ashton 3,737