Federal Electoral Boundary Update

We haven’t posted on this since hearings were held into the proposed redrawing of Saskatchewan’s federal electoral map back in September. To find out when the commission might be releasing its completed report I visited the federal website and found this timeline. It seems that the commission is supposed to release its report [that’s step six] by Dec. 21 although there is a provision for a two-month extension.

If you visit the timeline, you’ll see that that isn’t the end of the process as for some reason there is a provision for sitting MPs to file objections to the report before a parliamentary committee in March 2013, which examines said objections and then returns the report to the commission for further consideration. In Saskatchewan’s case, the 13 Conservative MPs have already had ample opportunity to object to the establishment of distinct urban and rural seats in the province, but apparently they get another kick at the can in Ottawa. According to the timeline, the new electoral map is supposed to be finalized by September 2013.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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2 thoughts on “Federal Electoral Boundary Update”

  1. Wow, can’t imagine what purpose that would serve. Sitting MPs are just 4-year temps (on average); why should they get some lob-sided influence on the ultimate boundary decision? Plus, is there any chance at all that a Harper-Conservative MP will bring anything to the table that isn’t about saving their own skin? This aspect of the hearings seems like hogwash to me. So much for democracy, will of the people.

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