Fed Leaders Can’t Compete With The Habs

At least they’re admitting that reality. Leaders of the federal political parties are asking that the date for the French language T.V. debate be moved so it doesn’t coincide with a Montreal Canadiens/Boston Bruins game.

“We all know that hockey is very popular in Canada and in Quebec, which is why it would be a better idea to push the French debate back to allow hockey fans to watch the debate as well as the game on Thursday night,” says Gilles Duceppe in a Globe and Mail article. That opinion was mirrored by Jack Layton in the same article, saying, “Were I not in this election, I might well make the same decision,” referring to the decision to watch hockey instead of watch Layton practice his French.

How vote you? Sad political concession, or a practical reality of doing business in Canada? Drawing in viewers for the debates has to be tough on its own, even when you aren’t going against a team tied with the national identity. (I don’t have any means for watching broadcast T.V., so I’ll probably spend the night with Superman: The Animated Series or something.)

Anyone want to place odds on the worlds of sports and politics just merging one day? It’s not far off from a nightmare dystopia you might see in a Paul Verhoeven flick.

Or are we already well on our way to that reality?

UPDATE: The Globe and Mail article now says that they’ve officially switched days.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

6 thoughts on “Fed Leaders Can’t Compete With The Habs”

  1. Should be clear this is the French debate going tete-a-tete with the French hockey game. It’s a no-brainer, since 1/2 the debate will revolve around a new coliseum for the Nordiques, the real Quebecois team. This doesn’t affect much of Engrish Canada, since we won’t watch the French debate anyway…except to see how well Iggy speaks and how badly Harper speaks it.

  2. Nothing new or even newsworthy about postponing the debate, unfortunately. In 1980 the League of Women Voters had to move one of their presidential candidate debates to a Tuesday because of a conflict with Monday Night Football.

  3. More parallels between hockey and our federal government: In the old days, Canadian teams ran the show. Now, the power lies south of the border.

    Can the political Canuckleheads and Habs stave off the American onslaught?

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