The original Batmobile. Adam West and Burt Ward sold separately.

For the first time this weekend, a Comic-Con like convention landed in Vancouver. It seems the local geeks were hungry for something like that.

For two days, the FanExpo attracted almost every fanboy in the West Coast. Besides the traditional comic book sellers and the B-listers ready to sign an autograph, an unexpected number of cos-players made their presence felt. From old-fashioned Batmans to Game of Thrones-type Khaleesis, many were itching to dress like their favorite fiction characters.

The good natured Kevin Sorbo awaits for some Hercules fans.

Only in a place like this Adam West could be the hottest number in town. The seminal Batman had the longest line of fans, more than Star Trek: The Next Generation staples Marina Siritis, Michael Dorn and John DeLancie combined. Kevin Sorbo and Lou Ferrigno seemed to enjoy dealing with fans one-on-one, while Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) looked somewhat mortified.

A couple of security guards would make sure no unauthorized Adam West pics were taken. You could get a portrait with West and Burt Ward (Robin, circa 1966) but it would cost you a hundred dollars.

The most endearing booth belonged to Jeremy Bulloch, a.k.a. Boba Fett. The gentle Bulloch would talk tirelessly about his little screen time on Empire and Jedi, surrounded by photos of the intergalactic bounty hunter. Adoring Star Wars fans would surround him at all times.

Next weekend is the Calgary Expo, with the ST: TNG cast in all its glory (including Patrick Stewart).

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